Major application updates and new feature releases

Version 4.13.0

Sep 13

Formula field.

All-new Google Calendar integration.

Task recurrence improvements.

Messages & attachments counter fields.

Improved custom fields management.

Improved planning with Gantt chart.

Version 4.12.0

Aug 1

Major update of Workload management views.

Project discussions with action items.

Expense tracking module.

Story points system field.

My Notepad view.

Version 4.11.0

Jun 8

Major update of My Work module.

Create personal reminders for smaller todos or important activities.

Project read-only access.

Improved export to CSV with selectable export fields.

Zapier Integration now available in all GoodDay plans.

Improved To-do lists.

Version 4.10.0

Apr 10

Major update of GoodDay user interface

My Work views

New System Fields

Full Access setting

Document pages

Project meetings

Version 4.9.0

Feb 24

Meetings module released

Calendar view - new event types setting and support for task start/end & scheduling

Task Table view - new engine with improved performance and rows numeration.

Analytics new Time Reporting summary report

Improved task timer

Version 4.8.0

Dec 30

Public sharing for all GoodDay views.

Advanced PDF export.

Table view enhancements.

Workload - Default time allocation modes.

Improved desktop client, Interface customization options and more.

Version 4.7.0

Nov 9

Major interface upgrade.

New navigation, improved menus & organization workspace selector.

Enhanced My Work: Inbox view, Today view UI & customization settings.

Shared access to custom views, Tag types and much more.

Version 4.6.6

Oct 1

Major Board view upgrade: advanced grouping, subtasks display options, improved performance and more.

New Time Reports export module: group by options, custom fields support, integration with Reports & Analytics.

Improved CSV import with flexible column mapping and custom fields support.

New Colors & Display settings in Calendar view.

Version 4.6.5

Sep 14

Default company Work Schedule allows organization-wide setting of the week start, workdays and workday duration.

Improved API 2.0.14 with new methods and custom fields support.

New Delete popup window shows the project/folder name and its sub-items that will be removed for confirmation.

Custom value lists with color highlights.

New Manager Access allows scheduling tasks on behalf of selected users and accessing their My Work section.

Version 4.6.4

Aug 4

All-new views management allows you to create, save and share customized project views with your own layouts, filters, and settings.

Save view layout and settings as a template and quickly apply to any project or custom view.

Support for aggregate functions (Summary, Median, Min, Max, etc.) for all number-based fields in Table, List, and Gantt views.

Adjustable column width in Table, List, and Gantt views.

Version 4.6.3

July 15

Native GitHub / GitLab Integrations

Improved GoodDay Notifications

Version 4.6.2

June 23

Gantt Chart v.3. All-new Gantt chart with enhanced auto-planning modes, milestones & events support, work schedule, custom fields, improved UX and much more.

Major UX upgrade of My Work Today and Week views.

Improved navigation panel design and fresh color schemes

Version 4.6.1

May 20

Custom fields support for project & folders.

All-new project & folder info screen which replaces the original project summary screen.

Board View Card Custom Fields. Support for displaying custom fields on task cards in the Board view.

Views access management. Enable/disable access to custom views based on users' roles in the organization.

Version 4.6

Apr 30

All-new filters engine for all GoodDay views with ability to filter by any system or custom field.

Enhanced settings panels for views.

Improved design of top panels.

Version 4.5.6

Apr 24

Ability to insert/paste images and attached files directly into text messages.

Enhanced file attachment UI.

Version 4.5.5

Apr 7

All-new Portfolio & Projects list views with customizable displayed columns.

Displaying personal schedules in Workload view.

New RAG (Red/Amber/Green) custom field type.

Project Health system field added.

Enhanced UI & UX for working with tags.

Version 4.5.4

Mar 23

Improved Board view UI, support for card color and card fields settings.

To-do list drag-and-drop reordering.

Support for any day of the week as the week start date.

Version 4.5.3

Mar 5

Starred & Pinned projects support in project selector.

Task → subtask, subtask → task conversion. Move to task (change parent task) support.

Version 4.5.2

Feb 25

My Work split into My Work & My tasks sections.

View original email (HTML mode) support for created via email tasks.

Task List/Table/Board 'Assigned to' bulk edit added.

Version 4.5.1

Feb 20

Custom work week support in Calendar & My work views.

Version 4.5

Feb 16

Major update of project & custom Workload views. Improved UI & UX, over 20 new features including time allocation with manual and auto modes, holidays, events & milestones, color schemes, user work schedule support, and more.

Improved My Work / Assigned to me view.

Version 4.4.5

Jan 29

Print version support for main views, including task table, task list, notes, my time and others.

Version 4.4.4

Jan 10

GoodDay API v.2 web hooks support.

Version 4.4.3

Dec 20, 2019

All new My Time module: improved UI, weekly timesheet, custom date range report and more.

Improved desktop push notifications & test notifications support.

Version 4.4.2

Dec 9, 2019

To-do list templates

Version 4.4.1

Nov 30, 2019

Added a "copy link" feature which allows referencing a specific task message when commenting on a task.

Version 4.4

Nov 28, 2019

Major Task View update with improved design, new layout, and new features including task audit, creating todo's & sub-tasks from messages, dependencies management, and more.

Enhanced UI of the 'Add new' section.

Version 4.3.2

Nov 10, 2019

Enhanced Export to CSV module with the ability to select fields to be included into the export results.

Version 4.3.1

Oct 22, 2019

GoodDay Request Forms released. Now you can create, customize, and publish forms connected to a selected project and/or a user

Version 4.3

Oct 20, 2019

GoodDay Chat module released. Feature-rich, fully integrated chat rooms for project, team, and personal messaging.

Version 4.2.3

Sep 29, 2019

Task and Note/Article mentions added.

Task table "Freeze header" option.

Custom fields sorting for project & task type.

Version 4.2.2

Sep 22, 2019

Workload/Timeline export to PDF.

Improved Help & Support section.

Version 4.2.1

Sep 16, 2019

GoodDay API v.2.0 is available for organizations with the GoodDay Pro license.

Version 4.2.0

Sep 1, 2019

Major interface update with enhanced navigation and improved usability.

Fully redesigned My Work dashboard with various viewing options including Today, Week, Tasks & Events.

Enhanced Export to CSV feature now supports custom fields.

Enhanced Task List design and quick folder navigation.

Quick navigation with "Go To" modal.

Improved Search filters.

Improved Project Summary screen with advanced management options.

Fullscreen mode.

Version 4.1.2

July 12, 2019

New 'My Organizations' section of My Account helps manage organizations you belong to.

Version 4.1.1

July 4, 2019

Improved Organization and Account setup modules.

New skins and new skin selector interface with instant preview.

Version 4.1.0

June 20, 2019

The new 'Notes' project module that allows to create, share, and manage text documents, create wiki/knowledge base systems, collaborate on articles and much more.

Major update of the Text Editor including support of new formatting options, customizable settings, markdown-style keyboard shortcuts and more.

User mentions in task messages and notes with custom notifications settings.

Version 4.0.11

June 7, 2019

Improved Organization license management and usage statistics.

Version 4.0.10

May 27, 2019

New skins are released and available under My Account / Skin section. Now every user can customize their GoodDay look and feel as well as select the navigation layout that works best for their needs.

Version 4.0.9

May 25, 2019

New custom views launched to provide more ways to visualize your work data. Now, it addition to all the great views already available in GoodDay, you can create 3 more views including Workload, Task Table, and custom Gantt views.

Version 4.0.8

May 24, 2019

UX improvements and updates to the Events Summary view, including full-screen mode, new filters, pin to main menu option, and support for task deadlines.

Version 4.0.7

May 20, 2019

Tasks and events displayed in the Calendar view now have different design treatments which makes it easier to distinguish between these different types of calendar items. Both tasks and events are clearly marked with the color inherited from their respective Project settings, but events are emphasized with a solid color fill, while the background of all task objects is simply transparent.

Version 4.0.6

May 16, 2019

New and improved "Add" interface with streamlined layout and flow to create new tasks, projects, events, views, and users.

Version 4.0.5

May 14, 2019

New custom field type Text Area is now available for your task customization. It allows you to create fields that include a large text area, edit, and include them into workflows.

Version 4.0.4

May 13, 2019

Workload view has been updated with new editing capabilities. Now you can create new tasks by “drawing” them right on a timeline while holding the ‘Shift’ button.

Version 4.0.3

May 7, 2019

Gantt chart Print to PDF option added to export your Gantt view as a single PDF file. Use this option to easily include your charts into presentations and share with other stakeholders.

Version 4.0.2

April 19, 2019

Enhanced Pins functionality was released to support separate groups for pinned projects, views, and users within the home navigation space.

Version 4.0.1

April 15, 2019

To refresh the look and feel of GoodDay interface screens, new project colors have been introduced and now include colors with higher contrast and better fit with the main navigation elements’ color palette.

Version 4.0

April 3, 2019

Major release with multiple navigation, usability, and functionality updates. The fully redesigned application navigation now splits all modules into core navigation sections: Home, Projects, Views, Organizations, and Users.

The Task Tray allows minimizing active tasks on the bottom of the screen for quick and easy access.

The enhanced Task Timer offers an integrated tool for time tracking and reporting.

The new Workload view added. It allows reviewing and managing task assignments along with their planned start/end dates on a timeline, defining resource allocation, and managing delivery dates.

Archive (v. 3.x and older)

March '19

March '19

  • Improved new task form and multiple task users support
  • Upgraded modal windows
  • GoodDay Feedback portal
Read more
February '19

February '19

  • Highlighted New Messages in My Work
  • Custom Views
  • Enhanced Calendar
  • Login with Google
Read more
January '19

January '19

  • Project Templates
  • New Billing & Finance Module
  • Updated Projects and Events Creation Flow
  • Improved Date & Daterange selectors
Read more
December '18

December '18

  • Project views management now enables you to select a custom set of views for your folders and projects
  • Custom task workflow to allow defining a list of custom statuses for each folder or project
  • Project activity view
Read more
November '18

November '18

  • Updated My Work with improved navigation and design
  • List/Table columns management and view presets
  • New custom fields including rating, email, phone, url, and user
Read more
October '18

October '18

  • Major Gantt chart upgrade
  • Calendar filters, settings, and improved design
  • New and expanded Help Center
Read more
September '18

September '18

  • All-new Task List view with advanced group by and sorting options, updated filters and fields management
  • New Files section with support for project files and task attachment management
Read more
August '18

August '18

  • Custom Project templates with support for tasks, subfolders, events, and project settings
  • Enhanced email integration
  • Improved loading speed
Read more
July '18

July '18

  • Our most significant Task View screen update since version one, icluding 3 new layouts: modal, full, and split
  • New Time Reports
  • Upgraded Efforts Distribution analytics
  • Enhanced Add/Select User modals
Read more
June '18

June '18

  • New Tasks Board: fresh design, tile sizes, subfolders, group by, folding, and more
  • Improved Email Notifications
  • Active Project view
  • Updated User Calendar
  • Organization statuses management
Read more
May '18

May '18

  • Manual ordering for Task List
  • Mobile notifications
  • Enhanced organization User Settings
  • The no-scroll Task View refresh
Read more
April '18

April '18

  • My Work: Action required, Assigned to me, All involved in views
  • Enhanced Folder/Project navigation
  • Pastdue view
  • Support for multiple email accounts
Read more
March '18

March '18

  • All-new Gantt Chart: improved UX, dynamic columns, adjustable panels and more
  • Desktop notifications
  • Improved Slack integration
  • Calendar filters
  • Resource Planning view
Read more
February '18

February '18

  • Major updates to the time tracking module
  • Enhanced My Time view and time reporting from the task view
  • Improved reports and CSV data export
  • All-new personal reports with even more data now split into tabs
  • Improved search, including search by task ID
  • New GoodDay.work website design
January '18

January '18

All-new Android and iPhone apps:

  • Create and assign new tasks
  • Browse your projects portfolio and tasks
  • Schedule, prioritize, and update statuses
  • Advanced Search
  • Events calendar
  • Available for all types of GoodDay accounts
December '17

December '17

  • Updated "Tasks by user" view with ability to switch between assigned to and action required options
  • "What's done" view filtering by project/user
  • Project calendar task deadlines
  • Pinned items (projects/tasks/users) now appear in the main menu
November '17

November '17

  • Recurring tasks with advanced options for user-defined scheduling
  • Copy your tasks and projects and create project templates
  • Project/Task converting options
  • Activity Stream now displays not only task, but also project and event updates
October '17

October '17

This month, we have released several user experience improvements that enhance the way users get updated on activity in GoodDay. This includes redesigned notifications engine, a revamped activity stream, and the ability to 'star' an important item.

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September '17

September '17

  • New integrations, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box
  • Improved My Work dashboard with additional filters and views
  • Advanced task planning capabilities added
  • Updated Event creation form with better usability and UI
  • Improved Project Calendar
August '17

August '17

  • New Project Events section with a calendar, events list view, and additional filters
  • Improved filters for Big Screens and Views
  • Updated email notifications engine
  • Ability to convert Projects and Workfolders
  • Mobile version upgrade
  • New release of My Time section with updated UI, filters, and time reporting functionality
  • Enhanced date selectors throughout GoodDay sections and modules
July '17

July '17

  • All new tree-like project structure with unlimited nesting
  • Enhanced hierarchy capabilities where projects and workfolders have unique functionality and provide unlimited flexibility in organizing work
  • Updated project colors for better visualization
  • Agile sprint and backlog support
  • Enhanced project access control management
June '17

June '17

  • Custom task fields are now available and include text, number, checkbox, date, currency, percentage and more
  • What's Done view released
  • New Progress Summary View
  • Updated Big Screens with additional filters and settings
  • Gantt Chart usability and UI improvements
May '17

May '17

  • Enhanced our integrations with Google products, including Google Calendar, Gmail, and automatic login from Google account
  • New Collaboration Analytics report for insight into the quality of collaboration between users and departments
  • Additional Big Screens modules released, including Today's tasks and Project summary
  • Enhanced User Dashboard screen to streamline widgets and activity streams
  • UI and navigation improvements
April '17

April '17

  • Updated mobile version for access to GoodDay on the go
  • New Boards screen for easy access to all your work summary Views
  • Enhanced task list view with ability to add extra fields through columns modal menu
  • Updated Events section with a new All Events list
  • Bulk edit functionality to quickly move, set priority, action required, or schedule multiple items at a time
  • New 'Import CSV' module to quickly create multiple projects and tasks
March '17

March '17

  • A feature-rich, easy to use Gantt Charts module for complete flexibility to view, create, plan, schedule tasks, define dependencies, and work with any time frame with the quick zoom option
  • Upgraded Organization Dashboard with an improved layout and more space for key information
  • Enhanced People section navigation and multi-organization support
  • Updated main menu with a minimized view and ability to collapse all menu items
  • Reworked tasks list now incudes a full tree view and inline editing
  • Additional UI improvements and bug fixes
February '17

February '17

This month, we are introducing the new, improved main dashboard design, the simplified project task list interface, the streamlined and reorganized user management sections, and the upgraded look of email notifications.

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January '17

January '17

We made important changes to some of the most frequently used screens and modules. My work, kanban boards, and the add new screen now have a better look, a more intuitive user experience, and streamlined controls and navigation.

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December '16

December '16

The recent updates focus on giving you an even better way to organize work and include the new project progress visualization section, boards, an updated project dashboard look, multi-level project hierarchy supporting subprojects and subtasks, and more.

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November '16

November '16

Two major updates this month include the interface revamp - a reorganized main menu, an updated top navigation panel, and a new task hierarchy tree, and the addition of the Rich Text Editor to all main text editing fields within the application.

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October '16

October '16

To make the user experience within the key areas of the application even better, we completely redesigned the project screen look, task list interface, task view and added consistent color-coding to the project and its tasks.

Read more