Version 5.12

GoodDay Version 5.12

July 19, 2023

Snapshots & Project Baseline NEW

The Project Baseline and Snapshots feature, available with Business and Enterprise licenses, allows you to take a snapshot of a project, portfolio, or custom Gantt view. This snapshot can then be used as a Project Baseline to compare the actual progress with the initial planned schedule.

Bulk actions support NEW

Starting from version 5.12, the Gantt view in GoodDay comes with Bulk action support, enabling users to update a group of items in just a few clicks.

Manual sorting mode NEW

In addition to the default Cascade sorting, you can now switch to manual sorting mode and rearrange your view manually with drag and drop in the items list.

Advanced Color Coding NEW

The new color coding engine allows you to customize the colors of your projects, events, and tasks separately. Additionally, you can now use custom fields, and apply any color scheme to meet your specific needs, not just limited to system fields.

Other Improvements NEW