Human Resources

Complete HR solution, integrated into your work platform.

Tired of logging in to numerous single-purpose online tools to manage simple day-to-day processes and workflows? We feel your pain! This is why we made sure that GoodDay functionality includes everything you need to manage all HR-related activities and that it is fully integrated into your daily work management.
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Human Resources

HR Portal & Company Intranet

Create your company’s custom intranet/portal to organize and centralize all HR-related documents, information, and tools.
Documents sharing
Create a centralized repository of company documents, from onboarding handbooks to work from home policies!
Integrated HR modules
Consolidate all your HR tools, from vacation tracking to time logging to new hire onboarding, all in one place.
Your team intranet
Launch your very own company intranet, configured to fit your needs, with a few clicks. Create a space to share news, centralized company events calendar, run employee discussion, chats, and so much more!
HR Portal & Company Intranet
Hiring & Application Tracking

Hiring & Application Tracking

Connect a Google Form, Typeform, or any job application tool via Zapier to automate a new candidate workflow and task creation for each applicant. This system can completely replace your recruitment funnel and your single-purpose application tracking software, and is flexible to scale!
Easy to use application tracking
Capture all applications and send them to the relevant recruitment team member, automatically. Customize tracked application form fields, create recruitment funnel views, and see the entire process, application to onboarding!
Keep all information in one place
Keep all candidate-related information in one place, including interview notes, related files/documents, and candidate profile information.
Candidate interview
Stay organized throughout the interview process. Capture and track interview questions for screening and all interview rounds, save your offer letters, and focus on finding the perfect fit while GoodDay automates the routine!

Employee Onboarding

Must-haves for successful onboarding are: well-organized onboarding process and schedule, availability of relevant materials, and properly allocated team members’ time to support your new hire. Create the entire workflow with tasks to relevant team members, with files and notes, and fully streamline training for your new hires.
Easy onboarding
Envision the ideal onboarding schedule and then create tasks and workflows in GoodDay that will make it a reality. It is very easy to create the entire structure for your new hire, with activities from day one and all the way through completion of their training.
Ready to go templates
Not sure how to begin or what GoodDay can do to help you simplify onboarding? Get started within minutes with GoodDay onboarding templates.
Employee Onboarding
HR Requests Tracker

HR Requests Tracker

Never miss a request, keep record of every interaction, and simplify your HR requests workflow tracking.
Request forms
Create and publish your custom HR request form for every company member, even without a GoodDay account.
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Easy response management
Track and manage HR requests and your responses with any of the available GoodDay tasks views.
Customize workflow
Customize your requests workflow, add custom fields, and create automations to save time and focus on helping your internal teams.

Vacations, Attendance & Time Tracking

GoodDay comes with out-of-the-box support for personal events tracking, vacation calendar, custom work schedule, and many more features.
Vacations management
GoodDay provides a complete solution for time off management including personal events, vacation approvals, vacations calendar, and more.
Custom work schedule
You can customize work days and default workday duration for the entire organization and/or every team member individually.
Time tracking
GoodDay comes with advanced, user-friendly time tracking options that are integrated with the task management tools for easy and convenient time reporting and analytics.
Vacations, Attendance & Time Tracking