Agile development

Flexible & powerful to support your Agile team

GoodDay provides maximum flexibility to power your Agile development process, with features that support Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean out of the box and limitless customization possibilities. From release planning to advanced features for effective backlog and sprint management, to analytics and reporting, GoodDay helps manage the entire Agile development lifecycle with full transparency.
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Agile development

Agile out of the Box

GoodDay is agile out of the box, supports all Agile methodologies and frameworks, and enables best practices both on the management and execution/collaboration levels.
Scrum, Lean, Kanban, FDD
Flexible data hierarchy, advanced views and customization allow you to manage your work with any Agile methodology and even mix them together.
Agile Collaboration
Advanced collaboration tools and Action Required approach bring true agile experience on every stage of your work.
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Fully Customizable
GoodDay is extremely customizable, which makes it work great for all agile development teams
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Agile out of the Box
Advanced Kanban Board

Advanced Kanban Board

The Board view is one of the most important and popular views in GoodDay. We paid special attention to user experience and advanced features, going beyond the traditional Kanban board functionality to meet the requirements of the most demanding teams and users.
Custom Columns
Group your work by any system or custom field to create an ultimate Kanban view for any need.
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Flexible swim lanes
Enable additional grouping by one of the fields, and transform Board into a 2-dimensional matrix view for faster navigation and advanced management.
Make it yours
GoodDay board allows not only custom grouping options but also full customization on the way your board look, including card sizes, displayed fields, colors, backgrounds and more.
Multi-project board view
GoodDay allows creating board views not only for tasks of a specific project but also for any group of projects and folders.

Backlog Management

Backlog management is a critical component of the Agile development process as decisions made on backlog items will impact the overall outcome of your releases. We have designed the advanced features and functionality that help manage backlog effectively.
Advanced backlog management
GoodDay backlog comes with all views you need for the ultimate Backlog management and grooming experience.
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Backlog prioritization
Get the view that truly represents the value, impact, complexity, and estimates in one place to make optimal informed decisions.
Backlog customization
Organize and structure your backlog they way you need it with unlimited folder hierarchy, custom backlog item types, custom fields, and more.
Backlog Management
Sprint Management

Sprint Management

GoodDay comes with all the tools and flexibility your team needs to plan, run, and track your spring iterations, from out-of-the-box templates to advanced customization options.
Sprint planning
Plan your sprints in minutes with advanced backlog integration, story points, WIP limits, and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
Sprint management
Mix and match GoodDay views for the best possible sprint management experience.
Progress tracking & analytics
Get instant overview of current sprint status with burn up/down charts, Big Screens and Sprint progress & release reports.

Agile Transparency

Agile development is more than Kanban boards, Sprint iterations, and Scrum meetings. To support the entire framework, we paid special attention to driving effective collaboration based on transparency within your team.
Big Screens
Use Big Screens at the office to ensure everyone is aware of long- and short-terms goals, progress, challenges, and statuses.
Collaboration visualized
GoodDay's Action Required approach allows to preserve the complete trail of team collaboration helping reveal bottlenecks, ineffective work patterns, and boosting team productivity.
Stay up to date
Set customizable real-time and scheduled email, text, in-app, and desktop notifications so your entire team is always informed and coordinated.
Agile Transparency
Progress Tracking, Reports, Analytics

Progress Tracking, Reports, Analytics

GoodDay collects and transforms all your work data into insightful interactive reports which help improve planning, collaboration, resource allocation, and inspire personal productivity growth.
Automated Project Reports
Create your own project reports and receive insights focused on the most important updates for your team's work.
Advanced Analytics
Get insight into all aspects of teamwork and progress with GoodDay analytics, including Tasks Summary, Effort Distribution, Time Reports, Process & Communication Flows, and more.
Progress Tracking Views
Track project execution with customizable views including Past Due, What's Done, Task Reports, Events Summary, and other.