Team Collaboration

Plan and collaborate in one platform

GoodDay connects project planning and management with collaboration, in real-time, to create an end-to-end experience where collaboration to reach project goals happens naturally. With all the tools your team needs, from task management to chats, files and knowledge management, to events and flexible notifications, GoodDay makes collaboration effective and productive.
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Team Collaboration

Action Required

A must-have for effective collaboration, Action Required identifies the user responsible for the next step on every work item. The unique Action Required tracker opens up a world of possibilities you have never had before, from knowing, at any point in time, who is responsible for each action item, to uncovering bottlenecks in real-time.
The Real Responsibility
With Action Required, each user knows exactly what they need to act on and when. This clarity makes everyone’s todo lists accurate, coordinated, and rooted in the overall team’s project plans.
Increased Accountability
When the responsibility for the next step on every work item is defined, every team members clearly sees the impact of their work on final deliverables.
Transparency & Agility
Action Required ensures all collaboration points are specific, visible, and tracked. With full transparency and collaboration tracking, GoodDay takes work agility to the next level.
Action Required
Task Management

Task Management

GoodDay delivers the ultimate task management experience with its advanced features, flexible customization options, unique views, and the intuitive and user-friendly UI.
Customizable Task Views
Manage your tasks with any of the available views including Table, List, Board, Gantt, Workload, My Work, Action Required and other.
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Fully Customizable
GoodDay tasks can be completely customized, from task types, statuses, and priorities, to custom fields, workflows and more.
User Experience First
GoodDay comes with a long list of advanced task management features including bulk edit, filters, drag-and-drop, custom sorting, and more to deliver the best possible user experience.


GoodDay comes with a powerful built-in, integrated chat app that connects users in real time, enabling them to communicate within the context of specific projects,ß and increases the speed of collaboration.
Direct, Project & Group Chats
Start a user-to-user, group, or a project-related conversation and communicate effectively right within your GoodDay workspace.
Full Integration with Work Items
Link your projects, tasks, events, files, notes, and mention users in chat conversations to collaborate in context.
Chats History
Save chats and access the history that is already conveniently organized into the topic-specific conversations.
Files & Document Management

Files & Document Management

GoodDay allows teams to easily manage documents and files all in one place, from well-organized project files management to cloud storage integrations, providing team members with all they need to collaborate.
All Your Files in One Place
Add files to any or your work items, such as projects, tasks, or chats, to keep them organized in the hierarchy and context.
Cloud File Storage Support
Easily integrate 3rd party cloud file storage with GoodDay for quick access and seamless collaboration.
Project Files
Access and review all project-related files in one place, with searching, filtering, and sorting functionality.

Wiki/Knowledge Management

Build your own knowledge base right in GoodDay, always available and shared with all team members. Wiki-style articles, how-to’s, and notes are only a few ways you can record and consolidate your team’s knowledge so you can leverage it as the foundation for future collaboration.
GoodDay Docs
Organize all your notes, project documents, as well as Wiki articles in one place, readily accessible.
Document Collaboration
Share, link, and mention any document from any place in GoodDay to collaborate effectively.
Revision History
Revision history is tracked automatically to maintain document integrity and indicate the latest versions.
Wiki/Knowledge Management
My Work

My Work

GoodDay’s ultimate Todo dashboard, My Work, is at the center of all collaboration processes, providing easy access to Action Required and assigned tasks, milestones and events, perfectly organized in one place.
All Work In One Place
All your work-related items are perfectly organized in one place with various views that present work in visual and logical way.
Built-in Planner & Personal Scheduling
GoodDay enables users to schedule and plan their work items with the intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
View For
View For provides access to other team members' My Work, giving the ability to view and manage their priorities and schedules.


GoodDay makes the most out of the familiar calendar view throughout the entire platform, giving collaborators a very simple and intuitive way to visualize project schedules, milestones, events, and task deadlines.
Personal calendars
Use personal calendars to view the milestones and tasks assigned to users, along with their personal events, such as vacations, travel etc.
Project calendars
Visualize the project plan, track milestone completion, see project events and tasks, all in one place.
Custom calendars
Create your own custom calendar view by mixing and matching the projects, events, and users to be displayed on one calendar.
Notifications & Activity Stream

Notifications & Activity Stream

Stay informed about the important updates with configurable notifications and a live activity feed. You can choose to receive notifications in many ways, but regardless of the channel you prefer, you will never miss an update.
Email, Mobile & Desktop Notifications
Configure email, mobile, or desktop notifications to deliver specific updates important to you, at the cadence you prefer (instant or delayed/summary).
Activity Stream
Live view of all activity updates or focus on a particular project, always up to date, in one place.
GoodDay Notifications
Review and configure all work activity and update notifications in a dedicated section within GoodDay.