Product Management

Supporting the Entire Product Lifecycle

Manage all aspects of product development, from ideation and customer feedback documentation, to coordinating cross-functional teams to deliver the market-ready product. Bring together Product Management, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and business leadership to deliver product on time and to scope.

One-Stop Product Management Solution

Document requirements, create and manage roadmaps, backlogs, sprints, and cross-functional collaboration all in one place, with user-friendly and intuitive tools fit for both technical teams and business contributors.

Flexible Product Hierarchy Organize all your product management work with GoodDay's flexible structure, custom project and task types.
Beyond Development GoodDay allows to connect all teams, from Product to Engineering, Marketing, Support, QA to Sales and leadership.
Full Life-Cycle Support Find all the tools you need, to manage product lifecycle, from prototyping and planning to release management and launch.

Product Planning

Elevate your product planning with GoodDay's advanced tools and views that will visualize your plans while connecting them to execution and reporting. GoodDay supports the agile product planning and connects all teams around the common goal of delivering exceptional products.

Roadmaps Create well-organized, visual roadmaps and track your product delivery with full transparency.
Gantt Chart & Resource Management Use GoodDay's advanced tools to easily plan and track your progress while effectively managing resources.
Product Portfolio Plan, view, and manage your entire product portfolio in one place with GoodDay Portfolio & Projects list views.

Product Backlog

Product backlog management is a key component of the agile product development process and we have designed the advanced features and functionality to help product teams manage backlog effectively.

Backlog Prioritization Easily create backlog prioritization matrix, with any number of parameters you need, such as user impact score, priority, importance, quick win, etc.
Backlog Customization GoodDay supports all backlog item types, including User Story, Epic, or Idea, with custom task types and fields.

Consolidate User Feedback Collect user requests in one place, integrated with backlog and release management, to act on improvements faster.

From Planning to Execution

GoodDay connects product planning with execution creating one environment for end-to-end product management, from ideation to release management and launch, with all the functionality you need.

Project Management GoodDay comes with the advanced project management tools, from task and portfolio management, to customizable workflows, templates, and more. Learn more
Resource Management Use powerful tools for resource management to maximize utilization while balancing workload and increasing productivity.
Analytics & Reporting GoodDay transforms your work data into insightful reports, helping improve planning, budget and progress tracking.

Agile Product Development

GoodDay's ultimate flexibility is a perfect fit for the Agile product development teams that require a full set of tools to support their process be it Scrum, Lean, Feature-driven Development and more.

From Strategy to Execution GoodDay allows teams to implement all the Agile product management best practices, from setting clear strategy to measuring success.
Scrum Out-of-the-Box Support for all components of the framework, with the complete scrum management toolkit and advanced views.
Visual & Inspiring Planning boards, user story maps, goal matrices, burndown charts, and more to visualize your Agile development.


Successful product development requires strong connection between multiple teams and stakeholders, and GoodDay creates the ultimate environment for effective cross-functional team collaboration.

Tasks & Action Required A must-have for effective collaboration, Action Required identifies the user responsible for the next step on every task.
Meetings, Chats, Files, Events Out-of-the-box tools for collaboration and communication well beyond tasks.
Knowledge Management Build your own product management knowledge library with GoodDay docs, document collaboration, and more.