Work Management Platform

GoodDay is the complete work management platform. Unlike niche task or project management systems, GoodDay provides an expansive set of features and modules that allow you to customize and build your own solution. GoodDay will accurately reflect, automate and compliment your work processes instead of forcing you to change them to fit the software.

Management + Collaboration

While most systems are geared towards either project management or collaboration, from the very beginning we paid special attention to creating an integrated solution that will provide advanced management, planning and tracking features, all in one platform. At the same time, GoodDay was designed to be extremely easy to use and immediately starts driving true collaboration within your team while increasing productivity.

All Departments. One Tool.

The ultimate customization capabilities, support for all project management methodologies, and the most comprehensive set of modules and features finally give you the tool that you can use across your entire organization, making all departments work and collaborate like never before.

The Work Ecosystem

All GoodDay modules, views and data don't just provide the required functionality and insight, but are fully integrated for seamless user experience. You can focus on important projects and excellent results and rest assured that GoodDay will support your process end-to-end and will help automate many of the routine work management actions.

As Custom as You Need It

With customization capabilities at the core of GoodDay architecture, we provide a solution that can fit virtually any need and requirement, with no need for special skills or development. In very specific cases, we also provide consulting services and setup assistance that will give you the support you may need to configure your ideal ecosystem with GoodDay.

Project Management Methodologies

GoodDay comes with out-of-the-box support for all major project management methodologies, including Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, Prince2, Lean, PMO and more. You can leverage the platform, out of the box, in a way that completely matches your real-life work management practices.

Boost Your Productivity

Work is not only about tasks! You can take advantage of GoodDay's Productivity Suite apps, including Meetings, Discussions, Events, Files and many more and increase your team's productivity by over 20%.