Connect GoodDay to the great tools you are already using

Native integrations

G Suite

Connect to your corporate Google account to enable an automatic login to GoodDay with Google for all your team members.


Connect GoodDay to your Slack channels to stay on top of all work activity, perfectly organized and always connected.

Google Docs

Create, attach, and share Google Documents right from your GoodDay account for efficient collaboration anytime and anywhere.

Google Drive

Connect GoodDay to your Google Drive account to attach, share, upload and collaborate on files directly in your Drive.

Google Calendar

Enable an easy, automatic two-way synchronization of all your GoodDay events and milestones with your Google calendar.


Quickly access files stored in your Dropbox to share them with your team by attaching the right file to the right task.

Attach files stored in your Box directly to tasks, streamline collaboration, and create a perfect order in your work ecosystem.

GoodDay API

Build custom integrations and applications with GoodDay public API to add new capabilities to your unique workspace.

Single Sign On

Enterprise account users can access GoodDay with their corporate credentials with our SAML-based SSO.

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Integrate with hundreds of 3rd party applications through Zapier for virtually limitless functionality.


Get your code and development projects organized with our native integration with GitHub and GitLab servers.

Goodday API v.2

Meet the advanced GoodDay API with over 20 new methods and functions.

Import & Export

CSV Import

Import a list of projects or tasks into GoodDay from excel or 3rd party applications with our CSV import module.

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CSV Export

Export any project data including tasks, events, time reports, and subprojects into a CSV format.

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Export to PDF

Export your reports, project or custom views as PDF files to print, share, or insert into your common report documentation.

Printer friendly version

Configure virtually any GoodDay view and generate a printer-friendly version with just a few clicks.

GoodDay. Everywhere.

With GoodDay web, desktop, and mobile applications you can manage your projects, teams, and tasks on any device, at the office, at home, or on the go.