Whether your team works on projects with sophisticated structure and workflows or mostly uses basic project templates, GoodDay is flexible to perfectly fit all your collaboration needs and processes. Customizing settings, fields, project types, and workflows is easy and intuitive, and once you have configured them to match your real-life work, you will feel as if GoodDay was built just for you and your team!


GoodDay allows you to fully configure project workflows to reflect your real-life collaboration processes.
For simple projects, our set of out-of-the-box workflows may work just fine, but you also have the unlimited flexibility to create your own! Once you define the task types and the sequences of steps each task type typically follows, with a few clicks you can create a workflow that will help you manage, review, and report on your projects with great accuracy. Assign any workflow to any project and further customize it on a project level.
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Custom task types

Not all tasks are created equal! Just like a typical day in the life of a marketer is different from a day in the life of a software developer, task types in GoodDay can be as unique as you need them to be. You can create any number of task types with custom names, statuses, fields and icons, and assign them to be available for all projects or just for specific ones.
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Custom fields

Extend the functionality of your GoodDay with custom task fields and record virtually any data as a part of your task management process. You can add new text, number, percentage, date, currency and many more field types to tailor your tasks to your very specific needs.
Once created, custom task fields can be added to all task types, you can display them in tables and views, creating a truly unique workspace.
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Custom project types

It is very unlikely that all projects your teams and departments work on are the same. To reflect different collaboration workflows, GoodDay lets you create your own project types. Each project type can have its own set of statuses, settings, fields, views, and more!
To help you get started quickly, GoodDay also comes with dozens of project type templates. Use any template as is, pick one to further customize, or start from scratch and easily build your own unique project type template to save and use in the future.
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Custom views

With all the flexibility GoodDay offers to build your own experience, reviewing all available information about each project might become overwhelming. When you need to see everything - you can, but we can also help you stay focused with GoodDay’s custom views.
Choose what fields you’d like to see for a project, save the view as default, and next time return to see just the information you already identified as important. Guess what? Default views can be shared with other users and projects, too!
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Custom statuses

Out-of-the-box, all default GoodDay task types and projects come with a set of common statuses such as Not Started, In progress, On Hold, Completed, and Cancelled. If these work for most of your tasks and projects – great! If you need more granularity for collaboration and reporting, you can add any number of custom statuses to any task or project type.
With custom statuses, your workflows become a true reflection of your real-life collaboration, and your views show an true picture of progress and accomplishments at-a-glance.
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Custom priorities

Juggling multiple tasks every day is not easy for your team, but if priorities are clear, teams can achieve more and collaborate more effectively. In GoodDay, the lists of priorities for tasks and projects are completely customizable. If the default values such as low / high don’t reflect how you define priority levels for your team, you can completely change the list.
Will priority “On fire!” motivate your team to complete a task faster? If the answer is yes, go for it!
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User roles

GoodDay lets you assign different roles to users, depending on the level of access they need. While Administrators have full access, Managers and Users can work with projects and other collaboration features, but do not have access to account settings.
In addition, each user has many custom settings that further define his role and user-specific details: department, working hours, time reporting requirements, hourly rates and more!
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Flexible layouts and skins

We created GoodDay to be powerful yet flexible and very easy to use. For ultimate user experience, in addition to all the customization options that personalize your team’s collaboration workflows, all users can pick their own UI layout and color scheme.