Premium Onboarding

Facilitate Your GoodDay Onboarding With Our Expert Services.

Smooth Onboarding Experience

We recognize the importance of a seamless onboarding process. Our premium onboarding service ensures your team can quickly and effectively start using GoodDay.

During the onboarding phase, our dedicated team will help implement your organization's real-life work processes on the GoodDay platform. We will share our organizational expertise, ensuring uninterrupted operations and a smooth transition for your entire team.

Onboarding Process

Our comprehensive onboarding service includes handling client requests, creating tailored plans, and implementing and configuring GoodDay to meet your needs. We provide continuous support to guarantee a successful onboarding and effective use of the system. Here's an overview of our onboarding process:

  1. Requirements Handling

    Upon receiving your request, we will send you a questionnaire to gather essential information. Key questions will cover company size, number of users, department types, and your business processes, integration, automation, and reporting requirements.

  2. Kick-off Meeting

    Our work begins with a kick-off meeting to understand your organization’s unique business processes, departments, and work management requirements.

  3. Custom Onboarding Plan

    We develop a customized onboarding strategy tailored to your specific needs and industry expertise, ensuring a smooth transition.

  4. Onboarding Plan Review

    We consult with you to ensure the plan aligns with your expectations, considering the diverse needs of different users within your organization. Executives may prefer high-level overviews and dashboards, project managers need planning and reporting tools, while regular users focus on day-to-day tasks.

  5. Organization Setup

    Our team configures the system according to your needs, including basic customization and module activation. This involves creating departments, setting up folder and project structures, establishing templates, and creating required automations and custom fields.

  6. Setup Review

    After the setup, we recommend a final implementation review with your implementation manager to ensure all settings are properly configured and that your team fully understands how to use the system.

  7. Launch

    After completing all implementation stages, you can either train your team independently or opt for additional paid training from GoodDay.

  8. Post-Launch

    We will hold meetings with you in the first and second weeks after the launch to address any issues your team may encounter. Our experienced technical specialists are ready to provide support and answer any remaining questions.

Continual Support for Lasting Success

Our commitment to your success extends well beyond the initial onboarding process. The new Post-Boarding program includes monthly pre-scheduled Customer Success calls, allowing you to discuss any concerns, queries, or future plans with your designated Customer Success Manager.

These scheduled calls offer opportunities to explore new features, share feedback, and receive guidance on optimizing your experience with our platform. In addition to the monthly calls, our team is available for priority calls at your request. Whether you need urgent assistance or have pressing questions, our Customer Success team is here to provide timely and effective solutions to ensure your ongoing success.

Service Cost

The premium onboarding service is free for organizations with Business or Enterprise licenses and a team size of 15 or more members. For other licenses or smaller teams, the service costs $400 USD.

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