Project Management

All-in-one PM connected to execution

GoodDay is a platform that connects project management with execution and collaboration. Imagine being able to plan and manage projects end-to-end within one environment which provides you with all the functionality you need while being very easy to master. GoodDay includes powerful yet user-friendly tools for project planning, task management, resource and portfolio management, time and budget tracking, progress tracking and analytics, as well as customizable workflows, templates, integrations, and more.

Project Planning

Plan projects of any scale easily and effectively. Use GoodDay's advanced project planning functionality to create the detailed project plan, add tasks, milestones and dependencies, and get a full picture of progress against the plan.

Advanced Planning Tools Whether short- or long-term, plan your projects with ease with GoodDay Gantt, Workload & Roadmap tools. Learn more
Ready for Complex Projects Plan work at any scale - from small to complex enterprise-wide, cross-functional initiatives - with the unlimited tree-like project structure, full customization capabilities, and high performance.
Plan Beyond Dates & Scope Create integrated project plans where project schedule and scope is connected to resources, budgets, risks, targets, and execution. Learn more

Tasks Management

With GoodDay, task management becomes efficient and streamlined, with complete visibility into what’s going on at any point in time. GoodDay offers many ways to stay on top of tasks, including notifications, ready-to-use views, customization, templates, and much more.

Ultimate Tasks Management GoodDay supports all task views including, Table, List, Board, Gantt, Calendar, Timeline, and more. Learn more
Your Tasks Your Way Align how your tasks function within GoodDay to your real-life processes with custom task types, workflows, custom fields, task templates, and more. Learn more
Advanced Task Features GoodDay tasks are powered with all the features you might need, including Subtasks, Todo lists, Recurrence, Dependencies, Links, Mentions, Tags, and many more.

Resource Management

GoodDay offers powerful visual and user-friendly tools for resource management so you can maximize resource utilization while balancing workload, preventing burnout, and increasing productivity.

Workload View Allocate resources, plan dates and manage dates-based and/or hourly-based time allocation with GoodDay Workload view.
Work Schedule & Personal events GoodDay supports custom work schedule and personal events management (vacation, travel, etc.) allowing to see the real resource availability.
Agile Resource Management Manage and prioritize short-term work plans for every team member with My Work, Calendar, and Action Required views.

Time Tracking

GoodDay comes with advanced, user-friendly time tracking options that are integrated with the task management tools for easy and convenient time reporting and analytics.

My Time Review your activity and log time spent on work items with Daily and Weekly timesheets in My Time module.
Integrated Time Reporting Easily report time spent on work items with integrated time reporting features and the built-in timer.
Analytics & Reports Access advanced time reports by project, user, or date range, use Billing/Finance module integrations and data export options.

Portfolio Management

GoodDay includes a full set of tools for managing project portfolios, from designing custom workflows to creating summary reports on your portfolio status and health with fully customizable views.

Portfolio Views Create custom project portfolio views and display important information and KPIs with selected system or custom fields, tasks progress, and status updates.
Projects Health Dashboard At-a-glance visibility into statuses, risks, progress, and priorities of your portfolio.
Custom Project Types Create your own project types with custom workflows, project fields, views, and preferences to enhance your portfolio management.

Budget Management

GoodDay simplifies tracking internal and external costs and expenses associated with your tasks and projects, providing built-in tools for budget management and reporting.

Easy Budget Tracking Track budgets and costs associated with any work item, including projects, programs, tasks, and events.
Time Reports Integration Automatically calculate internal and external costs associated with project tasks based on time reports.
Integrated Expense Tracking Submit project-related expenses, automatically connecting them with projects and budgets.

Progress Tracking, Reports, Analytics

GoodDay collects and transforms all your work data into insightful interactive reports which help improve planning, collaboration, resource allocation, and inspire personal productivity growth.

Automated Project Reports Create your own project reports and receive insights focused on the most important updates for your team's work.
Advanced Analytics Get insight into all aspects of teamwork and progress with GoodDay analytics, including Tasks Summary, Effort Distribution, Time Reports, Process & Communication Flows, and more.
Progress Tracking Views Track project execution with customizable views including Past Due, What's Done, Task Reports, Events Summary, and other.