GoodDay Upcoming Features & Release Plans

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User feedback is our product team’s priority. We develop our release plans and prioritize development based on what our users need the most. So, get involved and help drive the GoodDay roadmap! Do not hesitate to suggest a new feature (this will require a GoodDay account) or provide feedback. Whether a minor improvement or a brand new module, we will review and add your ideas to our plan to develop exactly what your business and team require.

Upcoming releases

Version 5.7
Documents management
Release date: March 2023
Major update will be released soon for GoodDay document management views.
New All Documents view
Improved Project Documents view
Improved document view interface
New fields: last opened, number of pages, revisions
Version 5.8
My Time & Time tracking
Release date: March 2023
Major update for GoodDay Time Tracking module and feature set, including improved management views.
My Time module upgrade
Improved time reports and analytics
Billable / non-billable time support
Time report approvals
Version 5.9
Dashboard module
Release date: April 2023
A completely new and powerful Dashboard that you can create for projects, specific users, or design your own. Use Dashboards to see plans and progress at-a-glance or create visual executive summaries to be shared across the entire business.
20+ new widgets
Advanced customization options
Flexible layout and display options
Version 5.10
Users management
Release date: April 2023
Improved user management capabilities for your organization.
List and Tile views support
Improved custom fields support
Enhanced user management
Improved departments support
Version 5.11
Business License
Release date: April 2023
We are adding a new license level to our current Free, Pro, and Enterprise. The Business license will offer an ideal set of features for organizations that manage all their work with GoodDay platform.
Version 5.12
Enhanced Reporting & Analytics
Release date: May 2023
We all look forward to this upgrade to the GoodDay Reporting & Analytics module. It will become richer, more flexible, and will offer more customization options.
Custom reports builder
Automated reports
New report views
Improved user interface
Version 5.13
Release date: May 2023
Major update for GoodDay project templates, custom views and view presets.
New project templates
Custom Views templates
Views presets
Version 5.14
Request Forms
Release date: May 2023
An exciting update to the GoodDay request forms, designed to offer more functionality and seamless integration with your workflows.
Project request forms
More fields available in custom forms
Integration with GoodDay CRM
Version 5.15
New Text Editor
Release date: May 2023
The all-new rich text editor with advanced formatting options and deeper integration with all GoodDay modules.