GoodDay Upcoming Features & Release Plans

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User feedback is our product team’s priority. We develop our release plans and prioritize development based on what our users need the most. So, get involved and help drive the GoodDay roadmap! Do not hesitate to suggest a new feature (this will require a GoodDay account) or provide feedback. Whether a minor improvement or a brand new module, we will review and add your ideas to our plan to develop exactly what your business and team require.

Upcoming releases

Version 5.15
Task View Update
Release date: August 2023
A major task view update with an improved user interface, streamlined functional blocks, and new customization preferences.
Version 5.16
Modular System
Release date: September 2023
Introducing the new GoodDay modular system! This feature empowers you to customize the platform's functionality according to your specific requirements and seamlessly remove the components that you don't utilize.
Version 5.17
Release date: September 2023
Introducing a revolutionary update centered around Goals. Elevate your task management experience by setting and tracking meaningful objectives. Seamlessly align your tasks with your larger aspirations, ensuring every action propels you closer to success.
Version 5.18
New Text Editor
Release date: October 2023
The all-new rich text editor with advanced formatting options and deeper integration with all GoodDay modules.
Version 5.19
My Time & Time tracking
Release date: October 2023
Major update for GoodDay Time Tracking module and feature set, including improved management views.
My Time module upgrade
Improved time reports and analytics
Billable / non-billable time support
Time report approvals
Version 5.20
Enhanced Reporting & Analytics
Release date: October 2023
We all look forward to this upgrade to the GoodDay Reporting & Analytics module. It will become richer, more flexible, and will offer more customization options.
Custom reports builder
Automated reports
New report views
Improved user interface
Version 5.21
Release date: November 2023
The Invoices module is a powerful tool designed to streamline your invoicing and billing processes. Whether you're running a small business or a large professional service business, this module provides you with the flexibility and efficiency needed to manage your finances effectively.
Version 5.22
Release date: November 2023
Major update for GoodDay project templates, custom views and view presets.
New project templates
Custom Views templates
Views presets