Remote Work

Productive work from anywhere based on Transparency, Motivation & Agility

Modern teams do not need to fit the traditional nine to five, brick and mortar office format, but successful remote team management requires modern tools. Connect your distributed team members with the power of the modern work management platform based on accountability, transparency, and motivation.
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Remote Work

Action Required

A must-have for effective collaboration, no matter where your teams are, Action Required identifies the user responsible for the next step on every work item. The unique Action Required tracker opens up a world of possibilities you have never had before, from knowing, at any point in time, who is responsible for each action item, to uncovering bottlenecks in real-time.
The Real Responsibility
With Action Required, each user knows exactly what they need to act on and when. This clarity makes everyone’s todo lists accurate, coordinated, and rooted in the overall team’s project plans.
Increased Accountability
When the responsibility for the next step on every work item is defined, every team member clearly sees the impact of their work on final deliverables.
Transparency & Agility
Action Required ensures all collaboration points are specific, visible, and tracked. With full transparency and collaboration tracking, GoodDay takes work agility to the next level, even without traditional in-person meetings or standups.
Action Required
Work Transparency

Work Transparency

While working from home or managing remote teams, work transparency becomes a must! We paid special attention to driving effective collaboration based on transparency & accountability within your team.
Collaboration, Visualized
GoodDay's Action Required approach allows to record the complete trail of team collaboration points, helping reveal bottlenecks, ineffective work patterns, and boosting team productivity.
Stay Up To Date
Stay informed about the important updates with configurable notifications and a live activity feed. You can choose to receive notifications in many ways, but regardless of the channel you prefer, you will never miss an update.
Progress Tracking, Reports, & Analytics
GoodDay collects and transforms all your work data into insightful interactive reports which help improve planning, collaboration, resource allocation, and inspire personal productivity growth.

Boost Your Team Productivity

Work is not only about tasks! Take advantage of GoodDay Productivity Suite apps and increase your remote team’s productivity and enhance collaboration.
Integrated Chats
Create one-to-one or group chats or organize project discussions with GoodDay advanced chat room functionality integrated with many other GoodDay modules and work items.
Files, Documents & Notes
Organize, manage, and share files and rich-text documents with GoodDay Files and Documents modules.
Meetings, Events, Reminders & more
GoodDay Productivity Suite has many more tools to help you keep work-related activities organized and make your remote team really productive.
Boost Your Team Productivity
Time Tracking

Time Tracking

GoodDay comes with advanced, user-friendly time tracking options that are integrated with the task management tools for easy and convenient time reporting and analytics.
My Time
Review your activity and log time spent on work items with Daily and Weekly timesheets in My Time module.
Integrated Time Reporting
Easily report time spent on work items with integrated time reporting features and the built-in timer.
Analytics & Reports
Access advanced time reports by project, user, or date range, use Billing/Finance module integrations and data export options.

Collaborate on Anything

Successful work and project management requires strong connection between multiple teams and stakeholders. GoodDay creates the perfect environment for effective cross-functional team collaboration, which is critically important for remote and distributed teams’ success.
Tasks & Action Required
A must-have for effective collaboration, Action Required identifies the user responsible for the next step on every task.
Meetings, Chats, Files, Events
Out-of-the-box tools for collaboration and communication well beyond tasks.
Knowledge Management
Build your own product management knowledge library with GoodDay docs, document collaboration, and more.
Collaborate on Anything