Calendar view helps you plan your work and visualize your important events, milestones, and deadlines in a very familiar format. Powered with advanced filtering, adjustable settings, and display options that include month, week and list views it offers all the options you need to present your work data well

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Key Features

Month View

Month view allows to access and manage your events in a classic 1 month calendar view

Week View

Week view helps you focus on a specific work week and is a great option for when you manage a larger number of events and tasks

List View

List view displays all events and task deadlines within a specified period of time in a classic chronological list view


Drill down into the events list by applying different filters such as event type, assignee, subprojects and more

Full Screen Mode

If you need more space for your events or are running GoodDay on a smaller display, use the full screen mode to hide navigation elements and display only the Calendar.

Drag & Drop

Use drag and drop to quickly update event dates, update milestones and change deadlines

Create Events

Create new events and auto-schedule right from the Calendar view, by selecting a date and clicking the Add button

Data Export

Export your events and deadlines into CSV or PDF files format

Display Options

Display options allow adjusting calendar view (full week/workdays), show or hide mini calendar in list view and more