Event List

Events List displays all project, organizational, and/or personal events in a straightforward list view, in chronological order. It provides an easy way to see all events for the selected date range in one place

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Key Features


Use filters to drill down into the list of events by applying different criteria such as event type, assignee, subprojects, and more

Full Screen Mode

If you need more space for your events or are running GoodDay on a smaller display, use the full screen mode to hide navigation elements and display only the list of your events

Create Events

Create and auto-schedule new events right from the Events List view, by selecting a date and clicking the ‘Add’ button

Data Export

Export your events and deadlines into a CSV or PDF file

Calendar Preview

Mini-calendar view helps you to quickly find and navigate to a particular day within the selected date range

Custom Date Range

You can select a custom date range you would like to view the data for in your Events View