Task List

Task List is a great view for when you need to review work items for a specific project/folder or want to group items by status, users, priority, or other criteria. Tasks List data columns are fully customizable, you can use custom fields and apply various filters, edit data, apply bulk actions and much more

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Key Features

Customizable Columns

You can fully customize the Task List columns and their order, including system and custom fields


Use filters to drill down into the Task List by applying different criteria such as the Action Required user, assignee, dates, subprojects and more

Bulk Actions

With bulk edit, you can perform actions such as moving, status updates, scheduling, assignments and more to multiple items with one click

Inline Data Edit

Inline data editing allows you to update any task field right from Task List view, without opening a task

Group By Options

You can group tasks by various criteria including status, Action Required user, assignee, priority or other custom fields

Custom Sorting

You can sort your tasks manually with drag and drop or use the automatic sorting option by any task field to sort in ascending or descending order

Full Screen Mode

If you need more space for your data or are running GoodDay on a smaller display, use the Full Screen Mode to hide navigation and focus on the report

Drag & Drop

Use drag and drop to order tasks or update them by moving items from one group to another

Groups Folding

If you have a lot of groups or many tasks within a group, you can the fold/expand option to hide/show task groups individually or all at once