Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart is a great view to plan projects of any size, allocate resources, manage tasks, subprojects, events, and dependencies. Powered with advanced features, including customizable columns, folding, zoom levels, export to PDF, filtering and many other, GoodDay Gantt view becomes the ultimate project planning tool

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Key Features

Project Hierarchy Support

Full support for your project hierarchy including subprojects, events, milestones, tasks, and subtasks

Customizable Columns

You can fully customize task list columns and their order, including the system and custom fields.


Use filters to drill down into the task list by applying different criteria such as Action Required user, assignee, dates, subprojects and more

Foldable Work Items

You can fold any subproject or task when you need to get a high level view or expand to see all sub-items

Adjustable Zoom Level

Select one of the available zoom options, e.g. day/week/month, or use the fit-to-screen option to automatically adjust zoom to display the entire chart.

Full Screen Mode

If you need more space for data columns or are running GoodDay on a smaller display, use the Full Screen Mode to hide navigation elements and display the Gantt Chart only

Drag & Drop

Use drag & drop to set start/end dates, define duration, or manage dependencies

Data Export

Gantt view allows you to export your data and the chart itself into CSV and PDF formats

Advanced Settings

Use Gantt view settings to fine tune auto-scheduling, weekend preferences, sorting and more