Task Table

Task Table is the advanced tasks and projects view that allows you to manage complex projects structures with convenient access to both tasks and projects all on one screen


Task Table is the sophisticated tasks and projects view that allows you to manage complex project structures accessing both tasks and projects on one screen. With a look and features that are similar to a spreadsheet, task table provides many great management options

Key Features

Tree-like hierarchy

You can view all subprojects and their tasks in a tree-like hierarchy with folding and drag and drop support.

Customizable Columns

Customize Task List displayed fields, manage their order and adjust columns width. You can also create custom fields if you need to track additional information.

Inline Data Editing

Inline data editing allows you to update any task field right from the Task Table view, without opening a task.

Drag & drop

Use drag and drop to reorder tasks or update by moving items from one group to another.

Aggregate functions

You can automatically calculate sum, average, median and other for the columns with numeric values.

More Features


Use filters to drill down into the task list by applying different criteria such as the Action Required user, assignee, dates, subprojects and more

Bulk Actions

With bulk edit, you can perform actions such as moving, status updates, scheduling, assignments and more to several items with one click

Custom Sorting

You can sort your task manually with drag and drop or use the automatic sorting option to sort by any task field in ascending or descending order

Full Screen mode

If you need more space for your data or are running GoodDay on a smaller display, use the Full Screen Mode to hide navigation and focus on the Task Table only

Save as

Save all the setups you have made as a default view or create a new project view.

Display settings

Choose the most suitable display settings for you including freezing title column and header option as well as hiding or displaying the row numbers.