Workload view allows you to see and manage task assignments along with their planned start/end dates on a timeline


Workload view allows you to see and manage task assignments along with the planned start/end dates on a timeline and is a great tool to quickly see your team's workload, resource allocation, and to manage delivery dates

Key Features

Plan & Assign with DnD

Use drag and drop to set start/end dates and durations or reassign tasks between project members.

Plan in accordance with Milestones, Work Schedules, and Time Off

Workload View also displays organization, personal and project events and milestones and automatically adjusts duration with accordance to users' work schedule and time off.

Auto Planning & Backlog

All tasks that have not been planned yet appear on the left in the backlog section and you can plan and assign them with drag and drop. You can also set estimates and use the auto-plan feature that will find the next available time slot and automatically allocate work hours.

Time Allocation

If you want to do hourly based work allocation toggle the Time Allocation button. Then can use one of automatic time allocation modes or enter/adjust hours manually.

Customize Look & Feel

For the best user experience, you can adjust the workload theme and select one of the available color coding options for work items.

More Features


Use filters to drill down into the task list by applying different criteria such as the Action Required user, assignee, dates, subprojects and more

Foldable User Rows

If you have a larger project team, you can hide a particular user or fold all user rows to focus on the big picture

Adjustable Zoom Level

Select one of the available zoom options i.e. day/week/month or use fit-to-screen to automatically adjust zoom to display the entire table

Full Screen Mode

If you need more space for your data or are running GoodDay on a smaller display, use the Full Screen Mode to hide navigation and focus on the workload table

Color Schemes

Switch between the available color schemes to pick the one that works the best for you

Inline Task Creation

"Draw" new tasks while holding ‘Shift’ to create new tasks, automatically assign, and plan them

Task Preview

Mouse over a task to see the preview along with the main task fields in popover