Version 4.6.5

GoodDay Version 4.6.5

Sep 15, 2020

Default company Work Schedule NEW

The new Work Schedule section in company setting allows manging company defaults preferences for workdays, week start day and default and workday duration. These settings are automatically applied to the work schedule defaults of the new users.

Note: The organization defaults can be redefined for each user individually in the user’s Settings / Work Schedule section.


Improved API with new methods and custom fields support.

Note: You can access the full API documentation at https://www.goodday.work/developers/api-v2

Delete a project confirmation popup IMPROVEMENTS

Have you ever lost an important working items by mistake? To prevent such issues the new project delete procedure displays what exactly will be removed from the system before you hit that Delete button. When deleting a project or a folder, you will see its name and the sub-items (sub-folders, tasks, events, files etc.) to confirm.

Note: Be careful deleting items. You will not be able to restore items after deletion. For archiving or closing the project, update its status.

Custom value lists with color highlights NEW

Custom dropdown values can now be highlighted with colorful background to build beautiful, easy to navigate views (just like the familiar Status list).

User account manager access NEW

The original View-for feature access has been replaced with User account manager access setting. When user has a manager access to another user now they not only can switch to their My Work view and manage their schedule, but also create and manage their personal events.