Version 5.16

GoodDay Version 5.16

October 4 2023

All-new Content Editor NEW

Introducing GoodDay.work's brand-new Content editor, a comprehensive upgrade that's set to streamline text and content editing across the entire platform. Replacing the previous editor, it brings a slew of user-friendly improvements and new features, making it easier than ever to work with rich text content.

Table & Column Layout Support NEW

A standout feature of our new Content editor is its robust support for Tables and Column Layouts. Whether you're crafting structured reports, managing data, or refining document layouts, our editor's fresh table and column layout features offer the flexibility and precision essential for excelling in your content editing.

Checklist, Code, Banner, and Quote Blocks NEW

The new editor introduces a range of new Paragraph-level features to enhance your editing capabilities, including:

Font Colors & Badges NEW

Another important enhancement is Font Colors and Badges support. With Font Colors, you can effortlessly customize your text with a spectrum of colors, adding vibrancy and clarity to your content. Additionally, the inclusion of badges allows you to emphasize important information, making your documents and reports even more engaging and visually appealing.


We've completely redesigned the mentions module, turning it into a universal tool for mentioning users, tasks, projects, documents, and more within your work items. This significant enhancement simplifies communication and collaboration, making it effortless to reference colleagues or relevant content as you work on tasks, documents, and reports.

And Much More NEW

In addition to the features above, the new editor includes a multitude of features, including: