Version 4.8.0

GoodDay Version 4.8

Dec 30, 2020

Public Sharing NEW

The all new public sharing functionality allows sharing any project or custom view with anyone via a special public sharing url. This feature helps you share your data with colleagues or customers who do not have a GoodDay account yet.

Export to PDF NEW

The new PDF export feature enables exporting any GoodDay view into a PDF file with advanced export options including page size and orientation.


Save column size function allows settings the default columns size. Add column button provides a quick way to add a column to the table view.

Workload - Default time allocation mode NEW

The new default scheduling setting allows switching from Manual to Auto default time allocation mode. This mode saves time if you prefer automatic time allocation or if you enter estimate / start-end dates in different task views.

My Work - Assigned to me BETA

This is an experimental feature that can be enabled from Organization Settings -> Labs page. It switches My Work from the default action required mode (where you see action required tasks) to Assigned to me mode, replacing Inbox / Today / Week views with Not planned / Today / My Workload views.

Desktop v.1.0.4 IMPROVEMENTS

Minor fixes and improvements for Mac & Windows desktop clients.

Interface customization / Modules BETA

The new section, Modules & Components, now available in Organization Settings -> Company Role page, allows enabling/disabling GoodDay modules and sections based on the user's company role.