Version 5.7

GoodDay Version 5.7

Mar 24, 2023

My Documents NEW

My Documents view is designed to give you instant access to all documents across all folders and projects to in your GoodDay organization. My Documents comes with 3 main view options:

My Documents comes with 3 main view options:

To add My Documents view to your home screen, click Add View and then select "My Documents" from Personal section.

Project Documents IMPROVEMENTS

The Project Documents view has been completely redesigned and comes with a many new features including Quick search, new system fields: (number of pages, number of revisions), ability to customize the displayed columns, and more.

Document view IMPROVEMENTS

The updated Document View screen comes with a more clear UI and a number of UX improvements for even better user experience.

Pinned Documents NEW

The "Pin to home" functionality has been added to all documents views. Now you can pin frequently used documents to the home screen, just like with projects, tasks, users and other work items.

Documents Export IMPROVEMENTS

The new version also introduces an improved export to PDF or Print feature for multi-page documents.