Version 5.17

GoodDay Version 5.17

Nov 15 2023

Task View NEW

The new Task View comes with an improved layout and UI, including many new features and enhancements:

Task Cover Image NEW

Introducing Task Covers, a new feature that enables you to set a selected attachment or image from the GoodDay library as a task cover image, enhancing your Kanban board and task view. This feature provides teams with a vivid and personalized element, allowing for more expressive and insightful task representation.


Revamped task type management now provides even greater customization capabilities. Users can now personalize different task types extensively by incorporating predefined to-do lists directly into tasks. Additionally, this update allows users to fine-tune their task interface by enabling or disabling specific system fields based on their individual needs.

Other updates NEW

Beyond the previously highlighted updates, a variety of other features have been introduced, encompassing: