Version 4.11.0

GoodDay Version 4.11

Jun 8, 2021


Major update of My Work module. New, clean UI, 3 layouts (list, split and board), Support for reminders, mentions and personal events, customizable card fields and card types and many more.

Reminders NEW

Create personal reminders for smaller to-dos or important activities you don't want to forget about!

Read-only access NEW

New project access level that allows users to see all project work items but with disabled management/update functionality.

Export to CSV NEW

New export modules allows to customize exported fields and support for project portfolio and custom views.

To-Do lists NEW

Improved design and features for all to-do lists.

Duplicate project - copy users NEW

Now you can duplicate projects without copying their users and tasks assignments by disabling the "Copy users" checkbox.

Zapier Integration NEW

Integration with Zapier is now availabe for all GoodDay plans.