Version 4.7.0

GoodDay Version 4.7

Nov 9, 2020


We have significantly improved GoodDay design, including the new navigation panel, menus, headers, project navigation, default font sizes and much more.

Organization Workspaces NEW

We have updated the way users work with multiple organizations. Starting from this version, you have to select the current organization (workspace) if you have more than one.

New navigation NEW

GoodDay navigation has been significantly improved to provide better usability, streamlined user experience, faster navigation and to include space to add new features .


The original Views and Company section have been merged into the new Tools navigation section.

Projects list and Portfolio views are not part of Tools menu, but are available via the Project Views section within Projects.


This new navigation section provides quick access to both personal (account) and current organization settings.


Quick navigation (GoTo), Search and Recent sections are now combined under the unified "Search" modal window.


My Work section has been updated as well. My Workload and Events screens are now separate menu items in Home menu.

The new Inbox section has been added. The Today view has been redesigned and now allows hiding Inbox, selecting card fields and highlighting cards with status or project color.

Custom view shared access NEW

Now you can share your custom views with the team. Simply click the access icon and select all users your want to share your view with. The shared views will appear under the "Shared with me" section in the Tools menu.


The new skins include new color schemes and a high contrast option.


We have updated the menu to give users the ability to adjust the width and to reorder the Home menu items.

List, Table, Board IMPROVEMENTS