Version 5.3

GoodDay Version 5.3

Oct 31, 2022

Improved UI & task card design IMPROVEMENTS

The new Board view screen comes with many UI/UX improvements and features a new task card design.

Support for all system and custom fields NEW

Starting from this version, the Board view can display all system and custom fields, including description, To-Do lists, dependencies, CRM and more.

Bulk editing NEW

Now you can select multiple cards and run bulk actions, just like you would do in other views such as Table or List.

Color coding options NEW

The new Board comes with 4 color coding options: border on the left (default), border on top, card color fill and none. For any of these options, you can select if you want to use either the status color or the project/folder color.

Hide empty columns/rows NEW

Now, in addition to hiding tasks from sub-folders, you can hide empty columns and/or rows from view settings.

Improved group by options IMPROVEMENTS

The updated ‘group by’ feature comes with improved control, design improvements and new fields you can use as columns or rows.