Version 5.5

GoodDay Version 5.5

Jan 26, 2023

GoodDay Automations NEW

GoodDay Automations offers virtually limitless possibilities to automate and customize your workflows and collaboration processes. With this powerful module, you can finally free yourself from unnecessary routine and focus on what's important to you and your team. Imagine being able to automate any 'if this then that' workflow, manage your work data and actions, automatically. Imagine how much time this will save for you or your project planners and how much more productive your teams will become.

Global & Project Automations

We have designed the GoodDay Automations module in a smart and flexible way. Automations can apply to all projects or can also be project-specific, giving you the ultimate flexibility and control over your workflows.

System & Custom Fields Support

If you are wondering how flexible you can really be, the answer is - the sky is the limit. GoodDay Automations allows you to set automation rules using system fields as well as any custom fields you have created.

Date Arrives Automations

Some of the most valuable and frequently used automations are date-based. With GoodDay Automations, you can configure virtually any action to take place once a set date arrives, or update virtually any data field in your system on a set date.

Automation Templates

Automation templates are a great start if you cannot decide what to automate first. Just browse the GoodDay Automations template library and start using this time-saving module, literally, in seconds. Then, you can build upon our templates and get as sophisticated as you and your team need to be.

Logs & Monitoring

Once you have set up your automatic workflows and work management processes, you can sit back and wait for great things to happen. But remember, automation does not need to mean lack of control or transparency. We've got your back! You will have all the reporting you need on automations that have already been executed upon or on the upcoming ones, so you will always remain informed and in control.