Version 5.14

GoodDay Version 5.14

August 21, 2023

Unit-based Expenses NEW

The new Expenses module now supports unit-based expenses in addition to standard amount-based expenses. Unit-based expenses help track any type of expense where you calculate the total expense amount based on the number of reported units, such as mileage expenses, material costs, postage costs, etc.

Task Expenses NEW

In addition to unit-based expenses, you can now submit expenses for specific tasks that will help to organize your project expenses even better. To submit a new task expense, follow these steps: Open a task, then click the 'Add' button and select 'New Expenses' from the menu.

Finance Modules Settings NEW

As a part of our transition to a modular workspace finance modules now have dedicated settings pages under Organization Settings. There you can enable/disable specific modules, update various settings and much more.