Version 5.4

GoodDay Version 5.4

Dec 12, 2022

Dark Theme NEW

To support your UI preferences, now GoodDay includes a dark theme as well as the auto-switch mode between the dark and light themes.

All-new Notifications module NEW

The new Notifications module comes with a full UI redesign, two-column layout, 3 group-by options (date, project, user), and many more improvements that provide faster navigation and at-glance visibility into project updates.

Improved date selector with quick navigation. IMPROVEMENTS

The new date selector comes with the 'Month' selector, quick suggestions, and improved design.

CRM Email notifications plugin NEW

The CRM email notification plugin allows to send emails to your contacts outside of GoodDay. It can be used in various workflow scenarios where you may need to update your customers such as support ticket responses, service project updates, etc.

Group by task type NEW

The new 'Group by task type' option allows you to quickly review different work items in all project or custom List/Board views.

Date formatting options IMPROVEMENTS

The new date formatting now includes 14 various options which cover all popular formats used around the globe.

Time tracking settings NEW

The new Time Tracking settings, which you can find under the Organization settings, allow defining the time window for submitting and, more importantly, for modifying the existing time reports.

Improved views management IMPROVEMENTS

With this release, we have improved custom views management to provide a better experience, UI, and custom view selection.