The GoodDay Goals module provides an advanced toolset for users to set, track, and achieve their personal and organizational objectives by defining clear goals, aligning them with strategic priorities, and monitoring progress in real-time.


Goals provide a powerful and flexible system for setting, managing, and tracking organizational objectives. With various goal types and real-time progress tracking, this module helps teams stay focused and aligned with their key success metrics. Users can create hierarchical goal structures, assign responsibilities, and integrate goals seamlessly with tasks and projects, in order to ensure efficient and effective goal management across the organization.

Unlimited Hierarchy

The Unlimited Hierarchy feature supports the creation of an infinite hierarchy of goals and sub-goals. This allows you to break down complex objectives into smaller, more manageable tasks. By structuring goals in this way, you can ensure that every team member understands their role and contribution to the larger objectives, promoting a collaborative and organized workflow.

Goals Roadmap

The Goals module comes with a powerful Roadmap view, enabling users to visualize the timeline and milestones of their goals. This tool helps teams plan and track progress efficiently, ensuring all goals are aligned with long-term strategic objectives. The roadmap view enhances transparency and supports better coordination and execution across the organization.

Goal Tracking

GoodDay's Goals module supports various types of goal tracking to accommodate diverse objectives. Users can set binary goals, numerical goals, progress-based goals, and financial goals. This flexibility ensures that all objectives, whether simple or complex, can be effectively monitored and achieved.

Convert Any Item Into a Goal

GoodDay's Goals module allows users to convert any existing work items, such as tasks, projects, or events, into goals. This feature helps in consolidating various items under a single objective, streamlining efforts, and ensuring all related activities contribute towards achieving the overarching goal.

Goals Access

GoodDay features a highly flexible access system, allowing users to configure access settings according to their specific needs. This ensures that users have the appropriate permissions to set, track, and manage goals while maintaining control over who can view, edit, or contribute to each objective. The customizable access settings enhance security and collaboration, ensuring that the right people have the right level of access to achieve organizational success.

Project Goals

GoodDay's Goals module seamlessly integrates with the Projects structure, allowing users to add goal views to projects, create project-specific goals, or link existing goals with a specific project. This integration ensures that all goals are aligned with project objectives, enhancing coordination and overall project success.

More Features


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Customize View

Customize which columns to display and change the icon color for each goal.

Flexible Date

A new control allowing you to choose between a deadline and start-end based on your preference.

Multiple Assignees

Assign multiple team members to goals for collaborative work and shared responsibility.

Goal History

Access a detailed history of changes and updates made to goals for a comprehensive audit trail.

Inline Editing

Edit goal details directly within the interface for quick updates and modifications.

Drag & Drop

Rearrange and prioritize goals effortlessly using drag-and-drop functionality.

Full-Screen Mode

Optimize your workspace by utilizing full-screen mode for focused goal management.