Version 5.0

GoodDay Version 5.0

May 30, 2022

New Engine NEW

After over 6 months of hard work on a new version, we are proud to release the new GoodDay backend engine. It is yet another step forward towards even faster performance, many new features and unlimited customization for your workflows and collaboration.

Instant Sync Across All Views for All Users NEW

From now on, all users will see updates to tasks, projects, and other work items or content instantly, without having to refresh their views. With this capability, collaboration has become even easier and all changes are visible in real time.

Trash NEW

GoodDay 5.0 engine supports recovery of accidentally deleted items including individual tasks, projects, events and other.

Universal recurrence NEW

In addition to recurring tasks, the new engine allows to make many more work item types recurring, including events, meetings and reminders.


The updated bulk edit includes more management options and faster performance.

Projects import NEW

The projects import functionality from CSV supports system and custom fields mapping as well as project hierarchy structure.

More features

Show in projects menu NEW

Mouse over a project title and click the "aim" icon to highlight a project in the projects structure menu.

Duplicate as a subtaskNEW

Task duplication now includes an option to instantly create a subtask.

Workload ‘sort by’ option NEW

The updated workload module now supports the ‘sort by’ option which allows you to sort either by the number of tasks/allocated hours or by user name.

Gantt view performanceIMPROVEMENTS

The Gantt view performance for larger projects (1,000+ tasks) has been significantly improved.

Tasks table - hide empty foldersNEW

Now you have an option to hide empty folders/projects in the Table View, which is very handy for custom table views and large projects with complex hierarchy.