Version 4.13.0

GoodDay Version 4.13

Sep 21, 2021

Formula field NEW

The new formula custom field allows you to automate any type of calculations and create custom formulas using existing number-based system or custom fields and any mathematical operations.

New Google Calendar integration IMPROVEMENTS

The new Google Calendar integration now supports not only GoodDay events but also two-way tasks synchronization with one of three available modes (action required (schedule), task deadlines and task start/end) and synchronization of all your GoodDay meetings.

Improved custom fields management IMPROVEMENTS

The new custom fields management interface provides easier navigation, search and management user experience for working with custom fields for tasks, projects and users.

Task recurrence IMPROVEMENTS

Task recurrence improvements include new management interface and advanced options that allow you to specify which data should be copied from the original tasks and automatically set recurrent tasks deadlines.

Messages & attachments counters. NEW

The new Messages & Attachments counter fields can be used in all GoodDay views and help you to identify tasks with extensive communication and/or records with attachments without a need to open a task.

Improved planning with Gantt chart. IMPROVEMENTS

The improved Gantt chart module comes with estimates to duration mapping, improved dependencies management and automatic scheduling making planning of all your projects even easier and faster.

Login with Apple NEW

Now you can signup/signin into GoodDay by linking your existing Apple account.