Version 5.6

GoodDay Version 5.6

Feb 25, 2023

All-new My Work NEW

With this release, you will see a major update to My Work. This is one of the most important and frequently accessed view for GoodDay users, and we continuously monitor user experience, gather feedback, and make updates to make it better.

Month View NEW

The new Month View allows viewing, managing, and scheduling your work in a very visual and familiar calendar format.

Group By Views NEW

The new Group By views are great when you want to review your work items categorized and organized based on your preferred criteria. To group by a specific project, use By Project view; to focus on tasks from a specific user, choose By User view; By Type view will group work items by their type; and the Priority view will let you see the most important items quickly and easily.

Bulk Management NEW

Beginning with this version, My Work supports bulk management for all types of items. Use it to reschedule or quickly update multiple items with a single click.

My Work Preferences IMPROVEMENTS

My Work Preferences allow you to select individual settings for each of your My Work views. Here you can select the types of items you want to see, items grouping options, displayed fields and properties, as well as adjust look and feel.

Color Coding NEW

This new version also supports color coding which you can enable in the Preferences panel in any of My Work views. Like with other views, you can select the card color coding style and color, i.e. Status/Project etc.