Version 5.8

GoodDay Version 5.8

Apr 21, 2023


The updated CRM UI is cleaner, better aligned with other GoodDay views and includes several UI & management improvements:

CRM Import/Export NEW

Version 5.8 comes with CSV Import and Export support for CRM Contacts and Accounts modules.

Custom Task ID NEW

This is a new feature that allows redefining the way GoodDay generates task IDs. To enable, go to Project → Settings → Task ID section and specify the format for task ID to be used within the selected project / folder.

Workload Labels NEW

Starting from Version 5.8, you can select which field(s) you want to be displayed in the Workload view and specify the label position. You can replace the default Title label with the Project's name, the full path or a combination of project name/full path and task title.

Workload Preferences IMPROVEMENTS

Workload preferences and color coding settings have been significantly improved to offer even more customization options for display settings and to be even easier to use.

Automations To-Do Lists NEW

The automations module now supports To-Do lists related triggers and actions.