Version 4.21.0

GoodDay Version 4.21.0

Jan 25, 2022

Views Templates NEW

All GoodDay views now fully support View Templates feature that allows to quickly apply different view layouts and settings from the Preferences panel.

Users can create their own View Templates and save them for the entire organization (if they have manager role in their organization) or for their account only (private view template).

Also, you can now manage Views Templates in the Organization Settings -> View Templates section.

Task List NEW

We are happy to introduce our new Task List module. It comes with new, modern design and offers a lot of new features including:


This is a major update of the Gantt chart. Key new features and improvements:

GoodDay Contrast Settings NEW

Every computer display is unique and the default colors & background contrast may not fit everyone perfectly. The new contrast settings option (My Account -> Skin & Layout) allows you to select the desired contrast ratio for your monitor.

Miscelannious IMPROVEMENTS