Version 5.10

GoodDay Version 5.10

June 27, 2023

Company Users Views NEW

We have made significant updates to the company's user page. By refreshing the old design and introducing new viewing modes, you now have the option to choose between viewing users in a tile format or as a list of users.

The new list view encompasses comprehensive features such as custom grouping, sorting, fields management, export functionality, and more.

Users Skills & Custom Fields NEW

Version 5.10 introduces a new user skills field that facilitates work assignment by enabling the selection of skilled performers based on their abilities.

In addition to that, we have improved users' custom fields management, which will enable you to effectively manage your team by utilizing all the necessary information.

Projects manual sorting NEW

Enhanced projects section now supports manual sorting, empowering users to organize their projects according to their preferences.

The new version also supports inline folder creation. Simply click the 'Add' button and select the 'Folder' option to create folders directly from the menu.

New Colors NEW

The project's color palette comes with 10 new colors, allowing you to make your workspace even more unique.

The new color palette can be used in other modules, including custom fields, widgets in dashboards, and more.

Task via Email CRM Integration NEW

Creating tasks via the email module now supports integration with CRM. By enabling CRM integration, you can automatically link tasks with existing CRM records or create new CRM contacts.

Notifications Improvements IMPROVEMENTS

Furthermore, we have made improvements to notifications for both desktop and mobile devices. Now you have the ability to view active sessions across all your devices, manage them, and, if necessary, send test notifications to verify their functionality. This enhancement ensures a seamless notification experience across all your devices.