Tasks by User

Tasks by User is a detailed list view that shows all current tasks for all users in the organization.

Layout Overview

You will see a table with user names on the left and their tasks, tasks statuses, estimated time, and project folder information on the right.

  1. Assigned To switches the list to display tasks that are assigned to each user. These are the tasks a user is responsible for completing.
  2. Action Required will show you all tasks where a user needs to take action on a task to move work forward.
  3. Filters allow you to select specific users and projects you want to see the tasks for.
  4. Users. The list of all users.
  5. Tasks. Details of all tasks grouped by user.
  6. Tasks statuses.
  7. Projects and workfolders.
  8. Edit views.

Working with Tasks by User

  1. To see task details and to edit tasks, click the task name.
  2. To see the specific user’s tasks, choose this user from the menu above the tasks list.
  3. To see the tasks that belong to a specific project, choose this project from the menu above the tasks list.


In the top right corner of the Tasks by User view, you can see two filters: All Users and All Projects. All Users menu allows you to display tasks for a particular user/users. All Projects allows you to choose a project and see all project’s tasks in the list, grouped by user.