Project Views

By default, folders/projects come with the following views: Summary, Task List, Task Table, Board, Gantt, Workload, Calendar, Files, Notes, and Activity.

Customizing project views

Full-access project users can customize the list of project views by clicking "Views" -> "Settings"

and making the necessary adjustments.

Default view

Also, on the views management screen, you can select the default project view which will open every time when a user opens the project.

Please note that this needs to be set only when the user opens a folder/project for the first time (or after logging out) as GoodDay remembers the latest open view and opens it when the user enters the project for the second time.

Project views access

If you disable a view, Standard and Limited access users will not be able to access it. The Full access users can still access it from the "Views" menu (which is not visible for standard/limited access users).