About Views

GoodDay comes with many different views that help you manage, plan, and review your work, as well as report on it quickly and easily. While some views are automatically attached to your project (e.g. Tasks List/Table, Board, Events), other views can be accessed in the "Views" section of the main menu. You can learn more about views management here.

Task management views

View Description
Tasks List The list of project or workfolder tasks, appears in many sections of GoodDay.
Tasks Table The advanced task list view available for any project or folder and great for working with complex project structures.
Board Displays project/workfolder tasks as cards on the board.

Work planning views

View Description
Workload Workload management view with resource planning capabilities to optimize your team's utilization.
Gantt chart Work timeline view with Gantt chart and comprehensive planning features.
Action required A sneak-peek overview of work planning for your team.
Tasks by user Tasks by user displays all tasks grouped by action required user.

Event views

View Description
Calendar A feature-rich calendar view for an at-a-glance overview and quick management of events, milestones, and deadlines.
Events list A list of all project events, organized by date.
Events summary A focused events summary view that includes the current, previous, and the following weeks' events.

Progress Tracking

View Description
Projects portfolio Displays information on active projects, including statuses, deadlines, and responsible users.
What's done Period-based summary of work accomplishments (tasks, projects, events).
Past due Focused view displaying all past due items and helping adjust the deadlines on one screen, if required.
Priorities Filters and displays all tasks and projects of high priority.

Other views

View Description
Activity stream Filters and displays all tasks and projects of high priority.
Recent Filters and displays all tasks and projects of high priority.