Waterfall Project

Waterfall Project Management is a template with pre-decided project stages. It is modeled in such a way that every task is co-dependent and requires to be executed from top to bottom like a waterfall. No new work can begin until the prior deliverable has been executed. Each phase is a prerequisite for the next, and Waterfall Project Management Template helps to ensure that work must flow in the correct order. Any discrepancy pertaining to a particular department or role can be analyzed and fixed.

Waterfall Chart

Which Industries Will Benefit from This Template?

Ideal for use where projects need to be planned and executed in chronological order Waterfall Project Management is best used for those projects which require precise steps to be followed for successful completion. It is ideally the most systematic project management methodology for those industries that have a clearly defined product and process. Some specific fields require planning from beginning to end before they start and such a waterfall project management template becomes a necessity.

Industries Like – manufacturing, construction, engineering, and pharmaceuticals, etc.

Manufacturing and construction companies are one of the biggest beneficiaries of this management template. For example – A construction company that builds homes literally from the groundwork cannot afford to change their construction plan since it becomes very costly and, in some cases, not even possible after a certain stage. Constructing a building in a specific order makes it a great match for Waterfall Project Management

Similarly, Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is another area that makes use of this waterfall approach. Scientific researches obviously occur in an orderly practice where the end product is clearly defined.

Benefits of Using Waterfall Project Management Template

Saves time by scheduling project set up beforehand

This management template ensures that each employee is aware of his/her work schedule ahead of time and adjusts their working speed accordingly. When people are pre-informed about their tasks at hand, everyone pushes themselves to achieve their goals.

It helps to measure progress from time to time

The designated milestones using Waterfall project management make it easy for everyone to analyze if a project is moving forward on schedule. When tasks are pre-planned, even the management can easily identify which employee is not performing well.

Gives real-time information to collaborate with project team members

Getting real-time progress report helps in effective communication between project team members. It ensures everyone remains connected on day-to-day tasks from virtually anywhere since everything’s online.

Keep stakeholders informed on your project’s scope, timeline, and progress

Stakeholders are always interested in knowing the scope of work and demand a central source of information evidence. This template allows stakeholders to know what they can expect from the very first phase of the project through a detailed roadmap.

Budgeting and effective estimation

Advanced planning of resources, timing, and budget helps in estimating how much to invest in a project to calculate its ROI. Since each nitty-gritty detail is discussed at the beginning, this leaves little need to figure out the project expenses on the way.

Key Features of Template

Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is the most powerful and advanced feature that helps plan projects of any size and manage work dependencies. Its customizable columns and filtration option allow to manage tasks and update progress in a timely manner.

Monitor all key information with a dashboard view

The detailed dashboard view allows tracking of milestones and analyzes which ones are on time or falling behind. It ensures that you assign tasks to users based on their workload by notifying them of their work completion dates and dues.

Customize, edit or perform bulk actions with Tasks Table

Tasks Table is a great tool to review tasks for a specific project/folder. It allows to group items by their current status, priority, or any other criteria. It also enables you to apply bulk actions and make it simpler to determine progress.

Create and manage delivery deadline

The delivery deadlines can be easily viewed for every assigned task. Any delay of work occurring in a project can be gauged by the deadlines set for every milestone.

Review workload and manage resource allocation

Since the waterfall project allows you to see task assignments along with their pre-planned start and end dates on a timeline, it is an efficient tool to access your team's workload and manage resource allocation.

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