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Staying on schedule with software development projects is a top tier challenge. While it is easy to visualize a successful project, running one in real life could give you some serious headache.

Juggling between deadlines, tests, and budget structures can drive you insane if you don’t have a well put together plan in front of you. That’s why you need the right software development project template to guide you along the way.

Software development project template

Who’s This Software Development Project Template For

Created specifically for software development teams, this template is designed to help you stay ahead of your tasks and avoid getting lost in deadlines. From outlining the project to planning the processes, and executing the tasks, this software development schedule template will give you something solid to rely on.

At the end of the day, a good project idea is only an idea if you don't know how to execute it. Winging it along the way won’t cut it when it comes to software development. Without a good plan, you will quickly come to realize that you have tons of tasks you can’t cope with.

That’s where our software development process template comes to play with all the features you need to plan and schedule your work.

The Benefits of Using a Software Development Template

There are many benefits to using a software development task list template, including better time management and easier monitoring of tasks and deadlines. With a customizable template, you can create a solid structure for any project and use it as a basis for all upcoming tasks and events.

A good planning template can also help teams ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding task assignments, due dates, and similar details. With the right template, you can plan and schedule meetings, visualize upcoming milestones, and list everything that needs to be done along the way.

The benefits:

  • Better time management
  • Clear overview of milestones
  • Straightforward scheduling
  • All tasks assigned in one place
  • Better project structuring
  • Easier to keep track of upcoming meetings and deadlines
  • Improved team communication
  • Higher productivity

The Key Features

The GoodDay software development timeline template includes all the features you need to create a strong project foundation from start to finish. The template includes the following sections:


The summary section of the template serves as a simple, comprehensive dashboard from where you can access all other sections.

Task list

The task list provides a view of all assignments and related details sorted through customizable categories. Each section can be renamed, moved, or deleted, depending on your custom preferences.

Task table

The task table allows you to monitor all current tasks through a simple tree hierarchy, as well as filter through search results and customize each column to fit your specific needs. The simple drag & drop editor allows you to move the tasks around as needed.


This section provides a Kanban Board view where you can see all the extended features and advanced options including column grouping. This feature allows you to fully customize board fields and categorize them based on status, assignee, or action required.

Gantt chart

The Gantt chart allows you to manage tasks, subprojects, and events, all through a simple interface with a drag & drop editor. The features in this section include customizable columns, zoom levels, PDF exporting, filtering, folding, and a lot more.


This is the section where you can see all the assigned tasks with start/end dates on a comprehensive timeline. This allows you to keep track of the team’s workload and meet deadlines in time.


The calendar view is a great place to get an overview of all the important events and milestones, whether you’re looking at future dates or past accomplishments. This section provides advanced filtering features so you can easily find any task or project based on its name, date, or other details.


Lastly, you can access all important project files in this section of the template, which can also be modified to meet your requirements.

Manage and Accomplish Your Software Development Projects efficiently

If you’re on your way to creating a solid software project, you are going to need the GoodDay software development process template to plan it out the most effective way. Sign up at GoodDay and check our customizable template to take your project management and planning skills to the next level.

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