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Scrum planning is one of the cornerstone activities of Agile methodology. With product releases being planned every two weeks, it is critical to ensure that the backlog items are tracked effectively and the team capacity is used optimally to ensure a successful sprint. This is where an effective scrum planning template is a must. Scrum planning is an important task, and with the GoodDay Scrum Project Template, the agile teams can easily plan, manage, track and monitor the sprints and deliver their product releases in the most hassle-free manner.

Scrum Project Management Template

Benefits of the GoodDay Scrum Project Template

A scrum project plan template provides various benefits. As the team continuously works on sprints, the scrum master may get overwhelmed with the number of queries, requirements, and requests that come their way. Unless an effective scrum template is used, managing the project will become cumbersome with the risk of missing deadlines.

Structured approach

With the GoodDay Scrum Project Template, you can be assured of a structured approach to your scrum planning. From the various sprints and backlog items to the owners and target dates, you can track all the tasks. This not only ensures that your sprint planning is done in an effective manner but also makes sure that no backlog item is missed out.

Ownership Assignment

As the team capacity is planned in the best possible manner to deliver the sprints, it is also very critical to track the ownership of tasks. Using the GoodDay Scrum Project Template, the action required users can be assigned, and the progress of the task can be tracked against that user. It is easier to identify any blockers so that the scrum master can address the same.

Detailed and Flexible

Using the GoodDay Scrum Project template, you can plan the sprint in a detailed manner and yet maintain flexibility in the plan. Through the sprint, it is possible that there are changes in team capacity or in the priority of the backlog item, and this is where a flexible scrum planning template can be beneficial.

Who can use this template

GoodDay Scrum Project Template will primarily be used by the scrum master. However, that is not where the use of the template stops. A good scrum project plan template is typically used by all the project team members. The team members can use this template to see the tasks assigned to them and to update the status of the same. Management and the product owner can also use this template to get an overall view of how the scrum project is going.

Key features of GoodDay Scrum Project Template

A successful agile project requires a good scrum planning template to manage all the activities. Using the various features provided by the GoodDay Scrum Project Template, you can prioritize the backlog items, understand the team’s capacity, assign owners, set deadlines, track and monitor the progress.

Multiple views for ease of understanding

GoodDay Scrum Project Template provides various views for easier tracking and understanding of the sprint status. You can choose from Summary, Task List, Task Table, Board, or Files view to view the sprint plan and monitor the progress.

Preconfigured backlog and sprint

Manage all the sprints (completed, in progress, and planned) in one place with the GoodDay Scrum Project Template. With the preconfigured backlog and sprint lists, manage all your scrum planning activities effectively. The various statuses provided with the template helps you to monitor the progress of your sprint accurately.


You can customize the GoodDay Scrum Project Template to suit the specific needs of your project. You can even add custom fields like the “Effort”, which can help you in utilizing the team capacity optimally and at the same time understand the size of the sprint.

Want to streamline scrum planning?

Go ahead and try the GoodDay Scrum Project Template and simplify your scrum sprint planning now!

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