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A big part of any product company is customer support, and with IT products, the IT service desk plays a crucial role in the success of the product. Customers look for a streamlined process to handle the IT support, and a great service desk ticket template goes a long way in ensuring this. The GoodDay IT Service Desk Template offers a minimalistic yet powerful way of handling the IT support work and can also be used as an IT service desk metrics template.

Service request tracking

Why use the GoodDay IT Service Desk Template

Once the product is delivered and multiple customer bases start using the product, there are bound to be issues, bugs, and queries from the customers. It is imperative that each of these is logged, tracked, and closed on time. And this is where GoodDay IT Service Desk Template can ease the work for the support team.

Streamlined management of support tickets

As IT service tickets come in from various channels and sources, it is essential to ensure that the tickets are logged and tracked to closure. A service desk report template guarantees that no ticket falls through the cracks and goes unresolved. With the GoodDay IT Service Desk Template, you can ensure that all the IT support tickets are managed in a streamlined manner, and all the tickets are resolved to meet the customer standards.

Consolidated tracking of IT service data

The GoodDay IT Service Desk Template ensures that you have a consolidated view of all the service tickets, and you do not need to refer to multiple emails or documents to get the overall view of the support data. This is a major advantage, especially to track the service level agreements and other metrics associated with the IT service desk.

Build a knowledge base

In any support work, it is very important to track all service tickets over time, learn from the past, and build a knowledge base. That is why it is essential to use a service desk template to track all the logged tickets. With the GoodDay IT Service Desk Template, you can easily manage all the tickets in one place, and over time, this can act as the ticket knowledge repository.

Who can use the GoodDay IT Service Desk Template

GoodDay IT Service Desk Template is specifically targeted for all the teams providing IT support to customers. This can be used by companies that are developing and selling IT products to customers or IT services companies implementing various projects at customer locations. This service desk report template can be used by the service engineers to log and track the tickets, and all the team leads to manage and control the IT support service at an organization level.

Key features of GoodDay IT Service Desk Template

GoodDay IT Service Desk Template provides a variety of easy-to-use features to help you effectively manage the IT service support work. The template offers different fields and views that can make the tracking and managing of the IT support work smooth.


While the base template provides a variety of fields and views, the power of the GoodDay IT Service Desk Template is that it is customizable to meet your specific needs. You can add custom fields to track any additional relevant details. You can also customize the status fields to help you track your support tickets in the most intuitive manner.

End-to-end tracking

From logging the request to the closure, the GoodDay IT Service Desk Template offers an end-to-end tracking of the support ticket. With this service desk ticket template, you can answer questions like “Where is that request I submitted?” or “When will my service request be resolved?”.

Minimalistic and efficient

While the service requests need to be tracked at a detailed level, too many irrelevant details can make it tedious and confusing. The GoodDay IT Service Desk Template is simple with the minimal essential set of features yet perfectly suited for every IT service desk need.

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