User Feedback Tracker

When you are committed to making your products and services better, the first place to gather feedback is from the customer. Users are the most authentic source of feedback, and gathering and implementing that feedback is of the utmost importance when you want to build a winning product. But tracking all the user input can get frenzied if you do not have a good feedback tracker template. This is where the GoodDay User Feedback template can make tracking customer feedback much easier and efficient.

Customer feedback tracking

Benefits of using the GoodDay User Feedback Template

Collecting user feedback is the critical first step in a long product journey. But making sense of the feedback and building it into the product is the next major step. Unless the feedback is acted upon, the customer does not feel heard. Implementing user feedback also helps in building brand loyalty.

Consolidated tracking

Getting user feedback from various sources is important, but managing them all at one place can become cumbersome. This is where a good feedback tracker template comes in handy. The GoodDay’s User Feedback Template can assist the project team in managing all the feedback and helping in prioritizing them. Once prioritized, it can easily be built into the project releases, hence ensuring a better product or service.

Easy Insights

Over a period, it is critical to understand the patterns in customer feedback, to proactively build the product features. With the GoodDay User Feedback Template, since you are tracking customer feedback in one place, it is easier to analyze the trends and draw insights. This can be a powerful tool to work within building a robust and user-friendly product.

Faster action

While seeking inputs from users gives them a sense of control and involvement in the product, unless these are implemented on time, it is of little value. Using the GoodDay User Feedback Template, you can ensure that all the feedback is given due attention, discussed within the project team, and the necessary actions are implemented – and all in a timely manner.

Users of GoodDay User Feedback Template

A customer feedback tracker template is useful in any scenario where customer feedback or survey is solicited from the users. This can be product feedback, service feedback, marketing campaign feedback, and many more such projects. While the owner of this template would be the project lead, product owner, or business analyst, it can be effectively used by the entire team for tracking customer feedback and ensuring that the feedback is incorporated back into the product or service.

Key Features of the GoodDay User Feedback Template

Keeping the customers happy is essential to the success of any product. To do that, collecting and tracking customer feedback is a vital activity for any project. With the GoodDay User Feedback template, we can do this and more easily, efficiently, and in the most organized manner.

Detailed customer feedback tracking

The GoodDay User Feedback Template offers a variety of fields to track the user feedback in a detailed manner. Fields like Email, Ratings, etc., add the key details required to prioritize the inputs and track the task to closure. With all the details recorded in one place, this template acts as the one place to track and manage all the user inputs received from various sources.

Multiple views for better readability

A visually easy representation goes a long way in managing a project better. With GoodDay User Feedback Template, you get different views like the Table and the List view, which helps not only in better readability of the data but also in ensuring that there is no misinterpretation of the information.


While the GoodDay User Feedback template offers a very user-friendly and detailed view, the most important aspect of the template is that it offers customization options. Includes fields like Reached Out, Company Size, Usage, etc., to understand more about the customer and to track the inputs further.

Track and manage user feedback effectively!

Use the GoodDay User Feedback template now and cater to the user feedback quicker and more effectively!

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