Contractor Management Template

Vendors and Contractors are an integral part of any project, and managing them efficiently is one of the most important aspects of running any project. While all the information about the contracts is scattered across various accounting systems, agreements, or other documents, it is hard managing the contractor details unless they are readily available at a central place. A contractor management software allows you to do this and much more and the GoodDay Contractor Management template offers a variety of features to address your contract management needs.

Contractor Management Template

Benefits of the GoodDay Contractor Management Template

A good contractor project management software provides a comprehensive platform to manage all the contractors and vendors that are approved by your organization. While this data may be scattered in various documents and files across the various groups in the organization, you can use the GoodDay Contractor Management Template to streamline this tracking process into a single place.

Consolidated source of contractor data

Projects generally have a multitude of contractors and vendors, and it can become a nightmare recording and tracking all the contractor data. This is where contractor management software comes in handy. With the GoodDay Contractor Management template, you can ensure that all the contractor data is consolidated into one place and you have a single version of the truth. This ensures easier and faster tracking of all contractor-related information.

Easy way to track costing details

Managing contractor payments is another key feature required in any contractor management app. GoodDay Contractor Management Template provides an easy yet detailed way to track contractor payments through the fields like hourly rate, payment released, and balance payment. With this template, you can be assured that you will never have overdue payments or run into any budgetary issues related to contractor payments.

Track compliance and Performance details

While contractors may be onboarded for a certain project, it is crucial to track if they are still on the approved list over a certain period. With the GoodDay Contractor Management Template, you can always maintain the current list of approved contractors, along with their performance rating, but ensuring that you are always compliant with the company rules and policies regarding contractor engagement.

Users of GoodDay Contractor Management Template

Most companies cannot afford to hire full-time employees for all their open roles. Certain niche roles and roles that may be short-term are typically filled by contractors. Any such project which requires the employment of contractors can use the GoodDay Contractor Management Template.

Key Features of GoodDay Contractor Management Template

GoodDay Contractor Management Template provides many easy-to-use features that help you in tracking all your contractor information in one place.

Detailed tracking of the contractor information

With the GoodDay Contractor Management Template, you can track all the details of the contractors in a detailed manner. Information like contact details, their skills, and the proficiency of those skills can be tracked in this contractor management system. You can also track their performance rating and financial information like their hourly rate etc.

Dashboard view of the key information

As with any template or report, an important aspect of tracking the data is the visual representation. The GoodDay Contractor Management Template provides a fully functional contractor and vendor review and assessment dashboard view, thus ensuring that an overall status on the contractors can be understood at first glance. This contract management software also supports various other views like the task table and the task list.

Customizable fields

GoodDay Contractor Management Template provides a host of inbuilt fields that are relevant to managing the contractor information. You can also customize the template by adding new fields that you may want to additionally track, like the parent agency/organization, the duration for which the contractor has been with your company, etc.

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