Working with tasks is at the core of any work management system, and we have paid special attention to task management features, customization, performance, and user experience.

Tasks customization

It is important to understand that in GoodDay the use of tasks goes beyond basic "work to do" approach and with task types and custom fields you can manage any type of data records e.g. sales leads, HR job recruitment, marketing campaigns, etc. Please refer to Task Types and Custom Fields sections for more information.

Action required

Another important feature is the Action Required field. It's extremely important to understand the difference between the Action required user (a person who has to do something on a task in order to move work forward) and the Assigned to user (a user who is responsible for completion of the task or the one who has to do most of the work). Please refer Action Required vs Assigned to section for more information.

Task views

GoodDay comes with many advanced views for task management. We recommend checking all of them to select the most appropriate one for you.

  • Task List - shows list of tasks grouped by a specific field, i.e. Status, Action required user, Priority etc.
  • Task Table - shows tasks within the folder structure in a spreadsheet style format.
  • Board - advanced Kanban board with custom group by & swim lanes support.
  • Gantt chart - advanced project planning view with timeline, dependencies and more.
  • Timeline / Workload - a great way to allocate and manage your resources with time allocation support.