Action Required

Action required user is a unique GoodDay feature aimed to provide an easy-to-use and transparent collaboration flow for your team.

It is very important to understand the concept and the difference between Action Required and Assigned to users to use GoodDay effectively.

Traditionally, tasks have only Assigned to user(s) - a person(s) who has to work on completing a task. While this approach works well for long-term planning, helps accountability and enables basic work tracking, it is not enough to build a transparent and easy to follow collaboration flow.

While an Assignee user is someone who is responsible or does most of the work, the Action required user is someone who has to take an action right now in order to move work forward. For example, if the Assignee user needs more input or clarification, he marks the user who created a task as Action Required user with a request to provide more input, making it clear for everyone involved on who has to take an action at the moment. Other common scenarios would be requesting help from another user on the team, work review, etc.

Another great benefit of the concept is personal scheduling that allows to schedule tasks for the current Action Required user, helping them to organize their work and, at the same time, sharing their work schedule with colleagues.

Action required Assignee
Description User who has to do something right now in order to move work forward. User who is responsible for the task completion or the one who does most of the work.
Work planning Short term, personal work planning based on Schedule task field (My Work, Action Required views) Long term, global planning based on task Start/End fields (Workload, Gantt views)