Task Actions

All key task actions are available in the "More" menu located in the top panel of the task view screen.

Edit Task

To rename a task or convert it into a different task type, select "Edit" from the menu.

Managing Project Types

To move a task from one project to another, click "Move to" and select a new folder/project in the modal window.

Task Recurrence

Select "Make recurring" if you want to automatically crete similar tasks that repeat at a specific frequency (e.g. "Submit a report" task scheduled for every Friday). You can learn more about task recurrence here.

Duplicate/Copy Task

To create a copy of the task within the same or a different project, select "Duplicate" option in the menu, enter new task title, folder and copy options.

Delete Task

To delete a task, simply select "Delete" option from the menu and confirm.

Please note that only a user who created the task or a user with full access within the task's project can delete a task.