Working with tasks is at the core of any work management system, and we have paid special attention to task management features, performance, and user experience.

Task View Layout

Task view includes the following sub-sections:

  1. Task header
  2. Task details
  4. Reply
  5. Task properties

Task Header

  1. Task project or folder. Click to quickly navigate to the selected folder.
  2. Task title. Click it to rename the task.
  3. Pin will pin the selected task to the main menu. Click Star to mark the task as important. Click Close to exit the Task View.
  4. Task ID.
  5. Timer and Time Report options.
  6. Add menu.
  7. Task View settings.
  8. Advanced task management options.


We placed all key Task information at the very top of the Task screen:

  1. Task text description
  2. Task custom fields
  3. Dependencies and related tasks
  4. Subtasks
  5. ToDo / Checklist
  6. Task attachments

Reply / Comment

The reply / comment area of the task allows using text formatting options, reporting time spent, and more:

  1. Action Required user: select a user who will have to take action after your reply.
  2. Message
  3. Message attachments
  4. New status
  5. Time report

Task Properties

The task properties area on the right includes a snapshot of the key task attributes:

  1. Task status
  2. Action Required user
  3. Priority
  4. Start and end dates
  5. Scheduled date
  6. Task users